I am a whole food cooking, swing pushing, boo-boo kissing, paper crafting, breastfeeding, photo taking, homeschooling, creative sewing, attachment parenting, woodworking, guitar playing, gardening, constantly reading, artistic and lovely full time, granola lovin' mama to my three sweetlings, Alex (7/20/96), Cyan (7/13/01), and baby Logan (1/22/07).

My passions include good food, green things, beautiful art, and books. I have two blogs that I write on daily. I have taken a little break from sewing and crafting due to having a toddler, but now that Logan is a bit older I have been getting back into it with gusto and am really enjoying the ideas I have been finding here and elsewhere on line.

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Call me Buddy
Call me Buddy · 15 projects
I likeyourprojects
Lynell O.
Lynell O.
Hi_ I just love your projects. I need a bit of help though I can't pull up the directions to the recycled mouse. Can you tell me where I might find them.. . Many thanks in advance.

Autonomous · Phoenix, Arizona, US · 22 projects
Thanks for the comment on my heart shaped box. Happy your floating hearts are too cute!
Nienna N.
Nienna N. · Geneva, Geneva, CH · 4 projects
Hej Valerie

I saw your homepage and I'm really impressed!
You do really lot of beautiful things and this is very inspiring to me.

I wanted to ask if I could link your homepage on mine.

jonesy · Cheshunt, England, GB · 58 projects
hi valerie, welcome aboard! cheers for the comment on my butterfly tshirt Happy