Hi everyone,
I'm a 21 year old girl from the lovely little country called Belgium. I am studying at university (Biomedical Sciences), so I'm blonde, but not stupid ;) I'm also in the university choir.

I like to dress up for parties, so luckily my choir hosts lots of themed parties. I'll post some of my homemade costumes and accessories soon...

I also like to decorate cakes and cookies, knit on my knitting loom, play with my camera and mess with pictures in Gimp.

Things that make me happy:
-tea (favorite: wild cherry and rosehip)
-beautiful sunrises/sunsets
-my pets (multiple cats and a dog, and my sister's rabbit)
-romantic poems
-young adult fantasy/mystery/futuristic books (lots and lots of them)
-Doctor Who
- The Disney movie 'Frozen'

Anything else you want to know? Just message me, I don't bite... most of the time... Tongue

Completed swaps:
- Newbie vs Vet with Mary ;)
- Crafty Colors with Libby

Ongoing swaps:

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