my name is Cally i have a beautiful little boy named Caden im 22 im a very artsy person my mother is a visual artist so i guess it runs in the fam. i love to scrapbook,paint,sew,write, basically anything creative! O_O omg i love this site!!!!! ~*~Random Facts~*~ [*#1*] I LOVE GLITTER! [*#2*] PINK IS AWESOME! [*#3*] I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR! [*#4*] NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEER!! [*#5*] I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRY'S! [*#6*] I BELIEVE IN LOVE! [*#7*] MAGIC IS REAL YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW WHERE TO LOOK! [*#8*] EVERY ONE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! [*#9*] GOD LOVES ME AND YOU!! [*#10*] MOTHER NATURE LOVES ME AND YOU!!! [*#11*] RESPECT YOURSELF! [*#12*] SECRETS ARE AS BAD AS LIES! [*#13*] ALWAYS SMILE!! [*#14*] NEVER FORGET THAT IT CANT RAIN ALL THE TIME!!!! [*I think that'll do for now.*]

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