Snippets Issue 14 : The Spring Cleaning Issue

Gifts For Men

The perfect shave - DIY gift ideas for men.

Gifts For Men

So image, it's time for another holiday and being a crafty DIY kinda girl you want to make your guy a killer gift... but what? A knitted gift will surely curse the relationship and send him running for the hills.

Men are notoriously hard to craft for but don't give up and head to the department stores yet, I have a few ideas for easy projects your man is sure to love.

Most men HATE to shave and buy the crappiest products ever (for fear of looking like a metrosexual). If the man in your life actually IS a metrosexual, even better, he will be completely stoked to receive the gift of a good shave.

First of all, buy him a package of disposable double-blade razors and insist he change them out often. One of the major reasons men end up with painful irritation on their faces is using a dull razor, and since it hurts they end up shaving less often and you don't want that - unless he looks hot with a beard and you find it unbearably sexy in which case skip to the very end because this part is not for you!

The reason you shouldn't get a razor that takes refills is because he probably will forget to buy them when his run out and then the razor will just sit around getting funky. If it pains your conscience to get disposables then try these.

The next step to insure a smooth shave is to use an exfoliant. If you exfoliate first it will remove the top layers of dead skin and get closer to the root of the hair.

Shaving soap is easy to make and feels nice to use (I'm told) the brush helps lift the hairs up, making cuts and nicks a thing of the past. Natural boar bristles are the best to use and there are many budget-friendly options online. (I got mine for $2.99!) I put a sticker on mine to personalize.

You can stop there or if you are so excited by the success of the other products you can make a final aftershave.

The aftershave consists of dried herbs and/or flowers (I used witch hazel leaf, comfrey, rose buds, lavender, and borage) olive oil,witch hazel and distilled water. Again, natural stores will sell bulk herbs for very little money for the amounts needed.

If your man happens to have a beard or if the shaving gift set doesn't do it for you, try one of these projects gathered from around the world wide web:

  1. Duct tape wallet: Always a classic and easy to personalize
  2. Record bowl: Great for holding keys and remotes and stuff that gets lost easily
  3. Personalized hanky or pocket: Using a simple backstitch you can transform any plain pocket or hanky into a work of art. I am a total embroidering novice and I made a passable hanky for my eco-conscious schmoopy in no time flat.
  4. If all else fails bake something! My favorite recipes for men are lemon bars and cowboy cookies.


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