People Dying

why does it have to happen? Why would one of the most amazing people you ever met, someone funny and interesting, someone who could really change the world... die?

He got cancer, and that was horrible enough... but he was getting better and he just... died.

17 years old... he was amazing... why?

This is an honest question... I want answers. I don't want "there is no reason" because there has to be a goddamned reason.

Brandon Jantoc has been an amazing person since I first met him in 7th grade. He's always been incredibly funny, and fun, and in 9th grade, he found out he was gay. He has never spread rumours about anyone, he's always been great with people, and he's made friends so easily.

Even when he got cancer, he didn't stop being a good person, or caring about others. He's been incredibly strong, and even aquaintences felt like they mattered to him.

He loved with all his heart and gave his love away expecting nothing in return but respect for everyone.

He's incredibly light hearted and fun and full of energy. He only saw a few people when he lost his hair, for whatever reason, but he kept in contact through myspace. He never lost his optimism, and he was learning from his tradgedy

He was getting better, and he was planning to come back to Green Valley High for his senior year.... And this morning, he died. ...

He only made the world happier.

Even when one of his BEST FRIENDS stole the man he loved when she KNEW he liked him, he didn't hate her [though most other people did]. He sang, and danced, and laughed.

SO WHY. Whats the reason. My religion doesn't give me a 'reason' for death, and all the other religion's answers are just bull like "God wanted him in heaven, the people up there need him more" HOW DO THEY NEED HIM MORE! THEY ARE IN HEAVEN, LIVE IS ALL FINE AND DANDY AND THEY ARE ALL ENLIGHTENED AND CRAP!

Or "it was his time" WHO CARES IF IT WAS HIS TIME, IT WASN'T OUR TIME! He doesn't deserve to die and we don't deserve to lose him! It was nobodies god damned time! WHY!

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I think that the most awsome people die because it makes people remeber them even more... The lessons they taught, the people they touched. I hope that helps.

My little brother died 2 years ago, and I think it impacted his friends alot, they are living better lives now, remembering how he was alway there for them when they needed it stuff like that. Hopefully it taught them to quit being stupid too. He died becuase of the space monkey game. Where you choke yourself with a belt to get high. On his myspace page you can tell it made alot of his friends actually THINK about their lives and what they are doing. I hope that it made them learn not to do stupid things.

Anyway. I hoped this helped.

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I'm very sorry, it sounds like he was a very special person and friend, and dead at age 17 is too early. I wish I had answers for you, but I really don't. It's so hard to be left behind. The only consolation I can really hold onto personally is that someday when we die we will see our family and friends. I believe that we choose where we go after we die, and I personally believe that I'll see my mother and dad again. That's all I have. When my mom died, she would come to me in dreams and told me that "the stars" let us choose to stay on the earth and visit people for a time, then we are allowed to reincarnate or go to heaven. She visited me in dreams for close to one year, and then I think now she's in heaven and will come for me when my time is up. As a nurse I've been witness to alot of death, and most people seem to react to a presence in the room shortly before death. It's so sad when the very young have to go through something like your friend did. Really it does seem to always happen to the nicest people.

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I'm sorry to hear about your friend, cancer is a tough way to go and its a hard battle! Sometimes the question has to be asked, why not him? By the sounds of it, he loved life more than others and may have been more prepared for death and may have been able to handle this disease better than someone else. My dad died from cancer a few years ago, and I always asked why him? Now I see why, my dad was strong and he loved his life and his family and friends and I think in someways he was just able to be stronger than someone else. And our family and friends were able to be stronger than others may have been.

I'm a buddhist and death is just seen as a part of the cycle. Everyone and everything must die, but death is not to be feared, its just a step along the path.

I know how you feel about your religion, I felt the same for years after my dad's makes you really question everything you thought you knew. I found solice and understanding in buddhism. Because for me, its not about heaven or hell or god, its about the cycle of life, and that all are born, but to be born someone must die. Energy is neither gained nor lost, since life is energy.

"To Buddhism, however, death is not the end of life, it is merely the end of the body we inhabit in this life, but our spirit will still remain and seek out through the need of attachment, attachment to a new body and new life."

Lots of hugs are being sent your way, just remember what a great person he was and how much he has touched your life and others, because although he may be gone, he is forever imprinted on you

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Cancer is terrible. I lost my grandparents to it and they were my parents until then. Its awful, it really is.
It really is hard to lose a friend, especially when they are so young. But it does make you appreciate life.

I wish you the best though, I really do

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SO, I went to Brandon's funeral Saturday, and it was amazing. They handed out green guitar picks with his name on the front and his brith and death dates on the back, which was AWESOME because he LOVED GUITARS so much! He brought one to school all the time!

Its actually [this sounds horrible... but its a things thats changed me a lot] giving me quite a lot to write about in my classes, especially my English ones. I've already written 3 papers about him Happy

Sorry I havn't been on in FOREVER [or at least it seems that way...] But this past week and weekend have been rather hecktic. I've barely stayed at my house, and my laptop has died, and I'm sewing my tie-dye pants BUT THEN THE NEEDLE BROKE... And I coudln't figure out how to THREAD THE GODDAMNED BOBBIN!

I WAS TURNING THE NOB THE WRONG WAY! I was so angry because the machine is just a loaner my friend gave me a few hours ago, and she had to go REALLY QUICK so she was just like DO THIS AND THIS AND THIS and ran out of the door Happy

So the bobbin thread was taken back, and I called her to find out what to do, and I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT! I WAS DOING IT PERFECT... except I turned the goddamned nob the wrong way. lol. it made me angry. Happy


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I'm really sorry D:,

But those people are here on earth to make people feel better,change the world and help people...

And it sucks when someone dies I know but he had cancer and I guess he had allot of pain and it sounds hard...But I guess it's then better this way...

He made your life cooler I guess ^^ and that's where friends are for...


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I can sympathize with the OP. It does suck that good people die, or that anybody does, and it does seem unfair. I've "cheated" death several times already; my heart was defective when I was born - I was a premie - but it was fixed before it would have killed me. Then my kidneys failed slowly. I was lucky enough to get a transplant. I used to fear and hate death so much because the possibility of dying very young was my reality. I've endured so much pain due to my illness and other factors in my life that sometimes I wished for death. Now I have a soul mate who has been through similar things, and the happiness we share makes up for all of our suffering. His disease is more serious than mine, in my opinion. He has cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that affects his whole body. He has to take enzymes in order to digest his food, insulin for his CF-related diabetes, inhalers, nebulizer treatments, and handfuls of pills each day. I only have to take a few pills everyday.

I wish that I knew why people die except for a cold, scientific explanation. (Although death isn't even fully understood by science.) I have simply learned to appreciate the precious little time I and my loved ones have.

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Thats truely inspiring rainbow. I hope that one day I will find someone like you have, and though I usually have the outlook you do... for some reason, just at this point in my life, all the crappy stuff just happened at the same time, and it kind of flipped everything around for me, and it was impossible to look at it the way you do.

I look back and I do appreciate what time I had knowing him, but I also curse all that time that I just wasted getting farthr and farther away from him.

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