Don't EVER use Talk Talk for broadband they are beyond useless!!

We moved house 3 months ago and got talktalk phone and broadband. i set up a direct debit to avoid the extra £3.50 charges for not doing so but then at the end of the month we were cut off!! I rang to see why and she said no direct debit was set up. so i paid,and re-set up the direct debit.

THEN....the end of the next month it happened again!! so rang again, told them what happened last month and she said that it was set up so must be a problem with the bank accepting it.

So off i trundle to the bank to explain to them...and they tell me it's set up and active and talk talk haven't tried taking the money out! So i ring talk talk AGAIN (0845 number each time i might add) and the woman tells me they're no longer dealing with Barclays bank so i cant set up a direct debit. Fine.

I asked her if i would be refunded all the extra £3.50s i'd paid as this obviously was not my fault and she told me no. and they couldnt put it as credit against my next bill either. But she did inform me icould avoid the charge by paying online.

So off i trundle to the computer to pay. BUT nothing's ever easy and it wouldnt let me pay! so i rang them again to pay and it wouldnt accept it and the cheeky guy told me i mustn't have the money in my account.

but he ignored that. Siad to try ringing Barclays as there must be something wrong with my card...another phone call and nothing wrong there.

My MIL ended up ringing them for me and paying it so i dont get cut off again and the guy told her that what the woman told me about them not doing business with them anymore is absolute B******s!

i might just cancel my contract. CANNOT be doing with this hassle every month just trying to pay my bill!

Rant over Happy

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Omigosh, stuff like this is sooooo frustrating. Me and my mum have had a lot of problems with Littlewoods!!

We ordered a washing machine on my mum's account BUT to be delievered to my sister's address (which is 150 miles from where we are!!). She was in the process of moving house, but we'd given them the new address. We get a phone call from them sometime later asking when they can deliver it to OUR house!! ARGH, so we told em my sister's new address AGAIN.

Whilst we were up my sister's actually physically moving her to her new house, we thought we'd phone up and check. They STILL had our address down ARGH!!! Again we gave them the new address... AGAIN.

Yeah so a couple of days after we came back from my sisters I get a call from the company that delivers on behalf of Littlewoods (Home Delivery Network?) saying they were on their way to deliver it to my house!!

WTF how stupid can Littlewoods and Home Delivery Network be?!?!?! Me and my mum were fuming. It's meant to be delivered to my sister's new place tomorrow... we shall see how they goes, somehow I'm fairly dubious that they'll get it right.


Also Virgin Media kept cutting my sisters phone off days before she was meant to have it cut off for her move...

It's enough to make your blood boil!!!!

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i'm sure sometimes they do it to see how far they can push people!!

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