I hate my family.

Especially my brother.

I started sewing about a year ago and I love it so much! But my family is never supportive of me.

In other activites when they are supportive, they push me so much that I begin to hate it.

For instance, I've loved striped pants. Not pinstripe, just striped. But I can never find any unless tehy are short-short or are ripped and have paint slatters all over them- So I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a pair of pants. Right now, they look AWESOME! I'm almost finished, I just have to sew on some buttons. So I'm looking at my pants in the full length mirror, looking for places to put darts, when my brother looks at me and sayd "What the hell are you doing? Making pants?" and he goes downstairs acting pissed off and then says "Molly is sewing again....this time she made stupid looking pants" (In my family's world, unless its store bought, its stupid.) Then my parents call me downstairs, tell me that they want me to put away all the fabric and the sewing machine, and I'm not allowed to take it out anymore unless I ask them, and I can tell you right now they'll tell me to do chores instead because my family is full of bitches and faggots who think that assuming is the best way of getting anything done. Plus half of my family hates me because I do lots of extra curriculars (Hey, I gotta get away from my parents SOMEHOW) and their kids just watch tv, and because they still think im a little rotten kid and do bad things because I was an evil child when i was a kid >Happy

Now I can never wear my new favorite pants for the first day of highschool (Im the type that doesnt care about what people think and Im pretty confident Tongue)

PLUS I've spent the WHOLE FUCKING SUMEMR doing FUCKING CHORES and when I wanna do something my parents always say "We'll see if stuff gets done" which in their world, getting stuff done means FUCKING DOING EVERYTHING FOR THEM.

AAUGHEWIBHWIOFWHRUC@M) X<_C@*(RU)#R_()*(* THEY ARE MAKING ME SO PISSED OFF I CAN NEVER WIN OR HAVE FUN. I actually used to contemplate suicide......not anymore....that often at least. :/

I cant wait till I move out. I hope my family has a near-death situation, lives, and then decides that they were taking life for granted and decided that just maybe they could be nicer to me.

For the past two weeks I've been falling asleep in tears.


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its really bad.. never knew someone could be punished for a hobby its ridiculous O_o
mm.. where i like a lot of cofe and organism where you can go pass time and socialise have sewing machine you can use whenever you want.. maybe you could look if a place like that is in your area

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wow... sorry you have had you deal with that! have you tried talking with your mom, just one on one... w/out bro and dad in the pic? I know its hard to not be overly emotional about things that you feel so strongly about, and that really seem so UNFAIR, but maybe talking sweetly (without emotion) with your mom will let her know how you feel about it. just determine prior to the discussion to not fight with her. if she refuses to listen, ask her SWEETLY why she does not want you to enjoy something so great for you? something that adds to your life and makes you a better person? just listen and if she is still stubborn, accept what she says, and walk away. go beat up your pillow. BUT i have a feeling, as a mom of three daughters that if you treat her with respect, she will be more likely to respect whatever is important to you.

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I am the complete opossite of my family also. I'm the Black Sheep of my WHOLE extended family actually. (UR family sounds like how mine used to be.) And around your age, i really started to be who i really am & not what they were or wanted me to be (which they didnt like). They thought i was crazy and something was wrong with me (just because i wasnt like them). My mom even took me to see a therapist when i was a freshman in HighSchool ...and the therapist told her there was nothing wrong with me, and looked worried at my mom. Because she knew that THEY were the problem. They all needed a reality check.

Anyway, i never changed who i am, and ignored them. Eventually they got used to who i am, and learned to accept me. They also learned some fucked up things wrong with themselves along the way. And are more open to things now b/c of me. And my moms real crafty now too.

So dont change who you are for anybody. And if they dont listen, DONT stoop to their level & yell back at them. Always talk calmly and nice to them, even when ur about to blow. That shows how mature u are & how stupid they are. And theyll listen more in the future. Eventually they'll come around, once they figure out they cant control or change you...it might take a year or 2 of fighting tho. lol

I hoped my story helped. =)
Getting mad b/c of sewing is fucking rediculous tho. WTF?! That makes no sense.
Is ur brother younger then u? If so, so is mine. ...Little brothers are always assholes. I dont know why...i think they take after the parents. I wanted to physically kill mine when i was younger. But once he gets older in HighSchool, he'll start agreeing with you acutally.

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I too am sorry to hear this. You are doing something you love yet they put and stop to it. This is why our children get into trouble because when you do find something you like some parents tend to take it away, but yet they piss & Moan when you are out doing something you shouldn't be.
This is why I support both my kids in whatever interest them as I want them to learn and grow & not be getting locked up or knockin up some chick because they have nothing else better to do.
I do completely understand your situation too, as I am 31 years old & my mother whom live 30 miles from me still thinks she can tell me what I can & cannot do, belittles me & laughs in the face of my misery, I just don't let her bother me, I actually get a kick out of it most times, she is pretty funny when she is being a bitty. I do as I please & you will too in due time.

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Wow that is really messed up... I feel so sorry for you!! My mum, nan and sister are always supportive. My dad doesn't live with me and we aren't that close so his opinion doesn't matter to me.

But... DarkAshHurts has given you some wonderful advice. No matter who you are or what you become your family will always LOVE you, doens't mean they will always like you just like how you love you family but don't always nessisarily like them. Perhaps because you have introduced something to the family that is strange to them, once they get used to it you may change their way of thinking too Happy

Stick at who you are and never change yourself!!

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