Saving the World!!

I want to do as much as I can to help protect the environment, help charities, my local area, etc.. as much as possible really!

What do you guys do, and do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to help make the world a better place as much as possible?!

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well, you could....
get your parents to recycle
not get a scooter or another vehicle with a motor and use your bike instead
invent stuff that's better for the world
turn off the water when you brush your teeth.
turn off light and computers and stuff when you're not using them.
and lotsa other stuff.
good luck!

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1.Go vegetarian!
2. Sign up for a recycling program @ You recycle, they reuse, and all the money goes to a charity of your choice ^_^.
3. Double-side print your research papers: it'll drive your professors crazy, but they can't complain when you say you're saving trees
4. If its within a 5 mile radius, bike, don't drive.

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Hi Suzi.......I'm a recycling parent....Lol

I walk everywhere
I bought shopping bags that are made from recycled materials so I don't use plastic ones
I recycle the usual things like bottles and newspapers
Most of my projects are from recycled materials
I use those energy saving bulbs as it costs less on the environment and the purse
I don't overfill my kettle and turn my heating down or off when it's got to a comfortable heat
I try not to buy stuff with lots of packaging, unless I'm eyeing it up for a project!
I buy my fruit & veg from the market as it doesn't have packaging

Shifty Materials.......on making the world a better place.......that comes from inside on how we feel and project that.....I walk round smiling at strangers and wishing them good day. Some respond with a smile, some are too embarrassed to respond and others think I'm strange.......sometimes it can mean so much.
I met a homeless guy who was cold and wet so I gave him the coffee I had just bought. It wasn't much to me but to him it meant something. He had been out all night in the rain. We got talking and he told me how he had ended up on the street. He thanked me for treating him like a human, not a lot to ask for, and I learnt more about peoples attitudes in that one exchange than I would reading any text book.

To think thats the kind of thing that happens when you smile and say good morning!

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here you have a loooong list of green tips

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Become a vegetarian, that's what I did. =]
Also you can ride bicycles or walk rather than using cars, plant a tree, recycle, use less electricity, don't make fires, don't use plastic bags, etc. I always try to do as much as I can to help the environment =]

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thankyou for the tips! i do quite a few of these already, so im on the right track with recycling etc. Happy

im going to try eating less meat, i dont think i could quite give it up altogether.. but eventually when i leave home and can cook whatever i like i would like to give it a go..

ill take a look at the website links Happy

thankyou! XD

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