How to be/stay beautiful inside & out

When I take a trip down memory lane to when i was a little girl, I realize that things would of been alot easier,more productive,less regrets and happier if i had a simple little "child mind friendly" guide on how to be/stay beautiful inside & out. But seeing as how it's a little late for me to be a child prodigy, i still want to know everything so that the rest of my existence is absolutely breath-taking.
So from my 17 years of personal experience on living i have come to the following conclusions on how i should of how i should of been thinking/ things i should of been doing/ things that no one should ever do.

1.Find out as much as you can about yourself- figure what you like, don't like, hobbies, issues, problems, things your passionate about, what you want to do hourly/longterm etc...

2. Makeup doesn't cover up imperfections- Makeup accentuates the beauty you already posses (if you know what your doing.) Always, Always, Always wash your face once in the morning and once at night (atleast.)

3.Doing something a guy asks you to will not make him love you- no matter how convinced you are, its not worth it.

4.If your not happy, our not living.

i cant type any longer, ill update tomorrow Happy

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THANKS for the advice but in my opinion I think girls look A LOT better without makeup. Because putting on makeup just kinda blocks your REAL NATURAL BEAUTY. I think there was only one girl in my class that was wasn't wearing any makeup but was dressed up all fancy and actually looked good. That is beautiful. Makeup might make your features stand out and make you pretty and all but you have to be happy with what you are, it's what makes everyone UNIQUE. I have really long hair but I hated it (my mom won't let me cut my hair). But I learned to love it because I take really good care of it and get it trimmed every 6 months. Everyone else likes it because its different and its something that you don't see that often, it's natural.

I tried wearing makeup but I looked at the mirror and said to myself "Wow, I look hotter without makeup." Every time my friend went out with a guy, she would always ask me "Do I look good" and I would respond with a YES. But do I know for sure? NO, because everyday she's always wearing makeup. And when most girls go home they just take off all off their makeup. Most famous people look PERFECT, but they're not real. Do you ever see a celebrity with REALLY BAD acne and really needed acne medicine? NO.

Now obviously I don't need a makeup kit because I got the shower. It cleans off all of the dirt on my body and its pretty much the only time that I will look good, lol. You can still wear makeup, but I hope that you understand what I think about beauty.

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I think that if you like makeup, you should feel free to wear it. If you don't, then don't. I always see people arguing back and forth on the point, and really I think that true beauty comes from DOING WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL BEST. I love makeup but I'd never try and force everyone else to cover themselves in it, unless they wanted to.

And I like #3. If only I had known that when I was younger!

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"Makeup doesn't cover up imperfections- Makeup accentuates the beauty you already posses (if you know what your doing.)"

I love you so much for saying that.
A lot of people don't share the same view I have about makeup.
Natural beauty, to me, isn't just an outside thing.
It's an inside thing, too.
You can be the most beautiful person on the Earth, but if you're ugly on the inside, it's gonna show.

A boy once said to me "You wear the most makeup I've ever seen a girl wear, with the eyes and lips and the're covering up who you are."
I found that really intersting for him to say, because I wasn't covering up who I was. I wasn't covering up my personality behind the harmless creams and powders.
I wear makeup because I actually like it.
It's PART of who I am. It's fun. It's an art. I wanna make it my life.
With all my makeup on, you can still clearly see who I am.
Anyone would know that my lids aren't actually unnatural colours and my lips aren't purple or neon pink or dark red.
Putting on makeup and wearing it makes me happy. I love it and it makes me feel well...pretty Tongue
I know I don't need it (no one needs it), but I like it.
And people can go around and call me fake because of it. Go ahead.
Because it's always the people who don't know me who call me fake.

(WOO! RANT YOUR FACE OFF!!! lol~♥ Sorry o^_^o didn't realize how much I actually typed.)

And I totally agree with number 4.
We can't waste the only life we have being unhappy.

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i don't wear makeup much, and i'm glad about that. in the morning i can pick between spending 5 minutes on makeup, or 5 minutes to eating something and drinking a cup of tea or a glass of juice...i'll always pick the food. i already have black lashes so mascara and stuff is not super visible and foundation is not necessary and will probably make me break out, too.
i also see lots of girls that would look better with less makeup on.
and i like the way i am, and confidence is something that makes you beautiful, too.

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I do wear some make-up. It depends on how bad my skin is, I can take of leave foundation, usually i might slap on a bit of eyeshadow. Most days I'm natural though...

But it doesn't hurt if you want to eccentuate yourself, I don't see the harm. People who know your personality, it won't make a difference to, it only makes a difference to strangers who don't know you and judge you externally.

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