Face Masks

I've been having this thought for a little while now but do natural face masks actually work? In what ways do they benefit the skin?

So I like natural products, I don't really care for all these harsh chemicals put into things. I have combination/normal skin, which is prone to the occasional outbreak. Can someone suggest anything?


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A while back (probably about 2 years ago), I started to really get into making my own face scrubs and using more natural products instead of harsh chemicals.
After using my own homemade face scrubs for a while, I got lazy one night and decided "What the heck!" and used a store bought face wash that I still had.
I let it sit like I was suppose to, but felt an odd sensation. I shrugged it off (because my skin always felt a little tingly when I used it), then washed the stuff off.
Not long after, my face was completely red, tight, burning, and itchy. Apperently I got a chemical burn from it.
I now completely stay away from things like that and I either make my own stuff or buy this one natural face mask.
The brand is called "Montagne Jeunesse" and comes in many different flavors (as I like to call them lol). My personal favorites are the chocolate and dead sea one ^_^
They're usually a dollar (5 for $4) at Wal-Greens or Publix.
Plus, they aren't tested on animals, which gets a HUGE thumbs up from me (otherwise, I'd refuse to use them).
They always leave my skin feeling so nice and smooth, and they just smell wonderful (it's a nice break from the face things I make, considering that lemon juice can start smelling a bit strong and disgusting in large amounts).
Near the top right on the packaging, there's usually a spot that tells what it's good for (like oily t-zone, dry skin, normal skin, etc.)


No idea why natural products work so well (honestly, using things that are more natural have cleared up my skin better then any over the counter face wash ever has).
But I think of it this way: Along with all of the chemicals that are put in face washes, there are also more "natural" things like certain oils and whatnot.
It might make cleaning eaiser on the skin?
Not sure of the whole science behind it lol

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Alright first off, i want to say that if you're thinking about natural face scrubs, be prepared to be AMAZED!

Although you may not care for the harsh chemicals you may be putting onto your skin, your skin does!!
Remember this, whatever you put onto your skin, it eventually gets absorbed, do you really want all that crap into your system? NO!
So now about natural face scrubs
everyone's skin is different so although i can recommended a few face masks, they may not have the same awesome effects as they had on me.
The natural stuff you put on your skin really makes it healthy & gives your skin a breather from the chemical,s there are BILLIONS of websites on the internet about face scrubs and masks
some are all organic, others are downright crazy (i found a mask one that said to put some elmer's glue on me face!)
Here is one of my FAVORITE website for face/hair masks

Your skin kind of sounds like mine, so may i suggest the egg mask facial? Separate the egg whites from the yolk, apply the white on a fresh clean face
let it sit until your face firms
wash off with lukewarm water (your skin will feel cool, tingly & refreshed)
and then apply the yolk for some heavy duty moisturization
Egg is Very good for your skin if you want more info
go to Michelle Phan on youtube.com

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OMG I love Michelle Phan's tutorial's. They are pretty good.

When I do use face masks (which isn't very often) I use a wash on-wash off one by Avon which I think is pretty good. If you wet your face first you can use it as a normal facial wash/scrub but when you put it onto dry skin and leave it on for about 5 mins it's like a face mask. I would imagine that Avon products use fewer harsh chemicals though I could be wrong. I would NEVER EVER use chemical peel ones, I would HATE to have to peel off gunk from my face. You just wash the Avon one off with warm water and my skin feels great afterwards.

Though I am thinking about making my own natural ones just to see how effective they are!! Happy

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I use honey and sugar to make a mask

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I'm making a few of these for a hen night that I'm going to.


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Wow thanks for all the ace ideas, I will be trying a few out and will let you know!

@Lovette ~ Totally agree with you about harsh chemicals which is why I wanted to look for something natural!

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Try Aveda--they are stellar! I worked with them when I was just starting out, and I can say that those months were the best of my skin's life. I, and thousands of others, swear by Aveda. Happy


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honey is amazing!!!! it can really help heal breakouts and it mousturizes and cleans your face!! Make sure you use all natural honey thats like the thick kind in a jar and not the runny kind.

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i'm a fan of Lush's fresh face masks they work a treat , the guys in the shop will help you get the best one for you ( they may even give you a sample to take home and try before buying a full size , just ask them )

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