Tightlacing/Corset training/Waist Training

Yeah it's got popular in the burlesque scene over here. The key is to do it gradually, like when you first start wearing contact lenses. x

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Well, I've been wondering about the health risks and whatnot.
And does your waist stay like that? Or is it something you have to keep up with?
Does the corset have to be worn daily?
Does it help with posture (after a couple bad car accidents, my back is kinda messed up, and I used to play cello where
I had to sit up straight, but now it's just painful)?

It's not that I want a super tiny waist, but maybe just a few inches smaller.

...I guess I kinda wanna know everything about everything! lol

It's not something I'm looking to do right away (my dad would
just have a fit!), but it's something I'm thinking of doing in the future...

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Well if you were going for the full Victorian ten inche waist then I would be slightly worried!

Yes the corset would have to be worn daily and tightened slowly, an inch maybe every other day.

Yes because in a corset you can't help but sit up straight! But always talk to your medical practitioner first.

Why would your dad have a fit?

Here's a link to a short article on tightlacing:


A forum for tightlacing:


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Well, with a 42" bust and 41" hips, I don't think anything super super small would look...right XD I have a 36" waist already.
But I'm hoping that this will maybe help worrect my posture too!

Any form of body modification that isn't medically necessary is frowned upon by my dad XD
Even hair dye is too much for him.
When I came out of bathroom one night as with dark brown hair after I went in a blonde, the only thing he said was "Oh...Don't ever do that again."
...Of couse, I'm still dying it lol
But I think me wearing a corset would freak him out (I've seen a fwe videos of women putting them on and the very obvious change in body shape).

Thank you! HappyD

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Tell him your doctor said it would help x

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