Vegetarian dishes for the cook who can’t cook?

Any suggestions? I usually find stuff online other places but wanted to check here so I can get 1st hand info and maybe some new recipes.

I'm bored of pasta and don't actually care much for it any way.

I love indian and thai food and am open to new things.

Likes: eggplant Mushrooms beets tofu beens spicy stuff but not too spicy

Lettuce ( it reminds me of eating bug wings)
black eye peas
most fried foods

I suck at cooking, so semi-simple meals would be best.

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If you're tired of pasta, make some rice dishes.

Here's a recipe I made many years ago that's vegan and very yummy:

2c water and a vegetable bouillon cube OR 2c vegetable stock
1c rice
1c sweet corn kernels
1c sweet peas
1/2c diced carrots

Bring the bouillon and water or stock to a boil with the rice. Let it boil for 2-3 minutes, then set it to simmer for about 20 minutes. When the rice is completely cooked, add in the peas, corn, and carrots. It's ready to eat when the carrots are slightly soft.

If you like squash, here's another dish that's very sweet and easy to modify to taste:

1 butternut or summer squash, cut into 1 inch cubes
1/2c apricot preserves
2tb brown sugar

Put the squash cubes into a glass baking dish. You'll want your oven to be on 325 or 350 (F). Melt butter and pour it over the squash. Bake until the squash cubes are starting to get soft, then top with apricot preserves and brown sugar. Bake until the apricot preserves are warm (just a minute or two), then take out, let cool, and eat.
To make this as more of a mashed potato consistency, cook over stovetop and mash the squash and butter as it softens, then add the preserves and brown sugar.

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Try using brown rice as, or couscous instead of pasta. Lentils are also very yummy, if you know how to cook beans you will have no problem with the lentils. (I have a bean cooking tut if you need it)
I also have alot of vegetarian and vegan recipes if you want to check them out. Here are a few of my favorites. Hope you find something you like!

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go to for good recipes. Vegetarian Times is a magazine all about vegetarian cooking! I subscribe to it. Their recipes are pretty simple but are really good, and use a lot of whole grains etc.

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Monika, Sounds good! I'll try your recipe for thanksgiving which also happens to be my b-day.

Felecity, thanks for the recipes and links. I do like lentils but other than cooking them alone I don't know what else to do with them.Your soup sounds really good so I'll be making that soon.

Quiet Lion, I'll check out that site.

Thanks y'all

If I weren't so dependent on my morning coffee with cream I think I could easily be a vegan.I've tried silk as a substitute but it didn't cut it. I admire people with that sort of willpower

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These are my favourite website for easy food. Good to know is all very easy, quick recipes...

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Have you ever tried Almond milk? It is yummy and amazing as a creamer in my opinion...Also the Soy-Nog is in stores now, if you have never tried it you are in for a treat! It's lighter than normal Egg-Nog and freezes as well as milk.

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I have another recipe to share, it's one of my favorite quick dishes.

1 can sweet corn (or ~1 1/2 cups)
1 can black beans (also ~1 1/2 cups)
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper powder, or more to taste
3 tablespoons brown sugar, more or less to taste.
2 tablespoons butter or vegetable oil

Melt the butter or heat the oil in a frying pan on medium-low heat, then add in the brown sugar. Drain off the corn and beans and add them to the butter and sugar. Add the pepper powder and allow the corn and beans to get hot.
Serves 4 as an appetizer/side dish or serves 2 as a meal.

Corn and beans, when eaten together, release nutrients from each other that otherwise won't be released. Nifty, eh?

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I was going to recommend 'vegetarian times' as well! lol
I was subscribed to their magazine for a year, and i ate some of the best food ever... and i think their website is free. (i really need to re-subscribe to them).
They have an amazing "white pizza" w/ broccoli/cheese/mushrooms. Best pizza i ever ever ate. And u can buy pre-made pizza dough in packs at walmart (i use them a lot).

I eat mostly asian dishes too. Rice w/ stirfry veggies, vegetable curry w/ beans... things like that. And i made them all up! ITs not that hard once u get used to it. I recommend buying lots of asian sauces and spices, and experimenting. Happy And try new foods.

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I love asian and indian food. There's this resturant about 4 hrs away from me with the best food ever but I rarely get to go since its so far away. The reason I don't like cooking is bc it takes so long to make, its messy and usually the effort that goes into preparing it isn't reflected in the final result. The good thing is that I've actually tried a couple of recipies y'all have listed here and they've turned out fine.

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It takes me about 15 mins to make veggie stirfry with rice.
It takes 15 minutes to cook the raw rice (like says on package), but while its cooking i chop all the vegetables (any kind/amount you want) and get the ingredients out (usually soy sauce & garlic or store-bought sweet chili sauce). Then when theres 6 minutes left on the rice, i cook the veggies on the skillet. 1 minute left, add the sauce/spices. When rice is done, put in a bowl or plate. Put veggies on top. Done.

You can make "fried rice" the same way, but use brown rice, and add an egg to the skillet on the other side (this will give u some protein too). When its scrambled and cooked, mix it w/ the veggies. Turn off burner. Then add the cooked rice to the skillet, and mix it all together. Then add the soy sauce & garlic powder to taste. (if u use real garlic, u cook it with the veggies).
(You could substitute thin noodles for the rice also, which takes only 3 min to cook)And add roasted sesame seeds for some crunch.

I love asian food, and theres no restuarants at all near where i live. Theres a chinese place, but they serve more american then chinese food! Its really annoying. And I hate chopping vegetables, but i think its worth it in the end. lol Especially when your hungry.

@ Monika: I make a corn & beans recipe too! (mines more like a chili tho) But i didnt know they released nutrients together. That explains why it tastes so good. lol

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