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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, AU
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Zero Waste SKirt to Top Refashion

A simple sewing refashion, taking a a full length skirt and turning it into a v neck blouse, in 4 easy steps. Requires no cutting into the fabric, therefore no waste material.



  1. How to make a top. Zero Waste Skirt To Top Refashion  - Step 1 1

    You'll need a full length skirt with a side split, if you don't have one, there is no reason why you couldn't create a side split. My skirt cost a few dollars from the op shop (Australian thrift store)

    Wear your skirt (if in public, do so over the top of trousers, you'll see why!) and twist around to have the side splits at front and back

  2. How to make a top. Zero Waste Skirt To Top Refashion  - Step 2 2

    Lift entire skirt up, inside out, right up to your shoulders, and using a safety pin, pin to the point you would like your neckline opening to stop - leaving enough room to get over your head. A mirror helps with this part. *black cat optional!

  3. How to make a top. Zero Waste Skirt To Top Refashion  - Step 3 3

    Remove your skirt/top, you can undo your waist zip (which will be at your side) if you need. Then you will need to pin from the end of the each 'arm' to your safety pin marker, and sew a straight line.

  4. How to make a top. Zero Waste Skirt To Top Refashion  - Step 4 4

    Put back on over head, tuck the waistline underneath a little, and you have yourself a new v neck blouse!

    Because you have not cut into the original garment, this means if you decide you'd like to wear your top as a skirt again you simply unpick where you've sewn across each shoulder. Easy peasy.

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ilarin · surat, IN · 14 projects

great i liked this baggy top renwal ... :)

erica@recycledfashion · Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, AU · 7 projects

Thanks Ilarin


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