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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
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Great fun to make !!!

Lisa H's, " Tree of Life ", gave me great inspiration to have a go at my own, tree of life with a slight twist to it.
Many thanks goes out to Lisa, for her wonderful idea and inspiration she has given many others who are members of " Cut Out and Keep "




  1. Step 1 1

    Picture of things you will need.
    Also you will have an inventory of the items upper left of this page.x

  2. Step 2 2

    take 2" of tiara wire and wrap your jump ring tightly to the bangle, then take your fishing line,and then add that to the jump ring,so you can hang your decorated tree of life,either in a window,outside in your garden(will weather naturally in time)or used it as a christmas decoration.

  3. Step 3 3

    Follow the directions to Lisa H's " Tree of Life,but with the braided roots, use your needle nose pliers,grab one of the roots and bend and twist the root, this adds texture,to your project.

    When it come to doing the branches seperate 3 wires from the trunk and braid the wire,but every 4mm/5mm, place a 4mm bicone,but braid the bi cone tightly into position.
    Keep braiding and adding your bi cones up to the edge of your bangle.

  4. Step 4 4

    When you have braided up to the bangle,use the left over wire and tightly wrap the ends over the bangle a few times..dont cut the left over wire off,grab your needle nose pliers again,bend and twist gently the branches to get the effect you want,and with the left over wire,start adding your other beads... cones..moonstones,czech fire polished..etc..Until the bangle is covered from one branch all the way round to the other side and meet up with the other last brach, or if you wanted to, leave the beads off, and just have a naked tree as seen in picture,just wrap the left over wire tightly and evenly around the bangle. xx have fun. xx

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