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Nice & Simple

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Rock Falls, Illinois, US
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Make Over Plain Wooden Frame With Vintage Sheet Music And Mod Podge

This is reprinted from my blog (where I'm known as WhyCuzICan)

The group of music frames and Monster photos is a display I did last year for Halloween at my blog called MEET THE BOYS.




  1. Step 1 1

    What You Will Need:
    *One Frame- your choice

    OK, trust me when I say that you can use ANY frame with a flat surface work area (or nearly flat- just not carved or detailed). Think "ugly, cheapo, pick-up-in-the-free-box-at-a-yard-sale frame".

    *Some MOD PODGE (or homemade Mod Podge if you'd like. That's a simple tut I'll do some time...LOL) I used satin finish- it's your choice if you'd like to try glossy

    *Old sheet music. I get mine by the arm load (well, err... handful) at a thrift store, yard sale etc. It's not valuable or super old what I costs me like 50 cents a book with maybe, 50-100 pages in them. I don't like to get beginner piano books or something because the music is just like finger practice-- I look for more varied notes/arrangements (I know nothing about music, but I sound all "smarticle" and "edumacated", huh?!). It's your choice

    *A sponge brush

    * YOUR OWN FINGERS (ask Miss Mustard Seed, they are her fave "tools")

  2. Step 2 2

    Simple Steps:

    *Rip up your sheet music into manageable sized pieces, and make a pile.

  3. Step 3 3

    *Smear a med glob of Mod Podge all on the area you are working on (not all over, it should be a bit wet in the area you are doing, you can do other areas in about--hummm.... 20 seconds! This goes quickly!)

  4. Step 4 4

    *spread on more Mod Podge and then continue to lay down your piece of sheet music in the area...artfully arrange however you think it looks nice...I covered the front, back and sides of the piece--what the heck, music is cheap!

  5. Step 5 5

    *then with a foam brush apply more MP to the top to put a layer of protection/seal it. (just a thin-ish layer) and the fun part....

    SQUISH with your fingers, to smooth down the paper so it layers, looks good and stuff. (Have I mentioned I love playing finger-painting with glue like a kid?)

    Hummm...that's it... pretty simple huh? Fun fun!!

    In The End, it might look something like ....ta da! (dramatic) THIS....

  6. Step 6 6


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