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Lea Bee's Message

The Nightmare Before Christmas/ Jack Skellington Sneakers


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Turn an old not interesting sneaker into something special.
A week ago I was very bored. I found a very interesting idea on the internet-hand painted sneakers. I decided to do one on my own with my own design. I took some old Converse sneakers that i wasn´t wearing anymore and turned them into this beautiful uniqe Jack Skellington sneakers. I used only black, white, gray and metal gold acrylic painting for this.

Posted by Lea Bee from Prešov, , Slovakia • Published September 12, 2012 • See Lea Bee's 17 projects »


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nymfa · Gol??v Jeníkov, Vyso?ina Region, CZ · 1 project

neuveriš ale pred par rokmi som si namalovala aj ja tenisky z predvianočnej nočnej mori len miesto Jacka som mala vanu a tie tri prišery :D

Lea Bee
Lea Bee · Prešov, · 22 projects

to by som rada videla ako sa ti podarili ;) btw si prvý podobne hovoriaci človek na tejto stránke ktorý si porel moje veci :D

nymfa · Gol??v Jeníkov, Vyso?ina Region, CZ · 1 project

fotku som aj našla ale do spravy sa neda vložiť subor :/

Lea Bee
Lea Bee · Prešov, · 22 projects

hmmm a keby si mi to poslala na email? :)

Philippe T.
Philippe T. · 8 projects

I want them!!! :P