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Nice 'n' Simple

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Turn an old not interesting sneaker into something special.

A week ago I was very bored. I found a very interesting idea on the internet-hand painted sneakers. I decided to do one on my own with my own design. I took some old Converse sneakers that i wasn´t wearing anymore and turned them into this beautiful uniqe Jack Skellington sneakers. I used only black, white, gray and metal gold acrylic painting for this.



New Look For Old Shoes

New Look For Old Shoes

old Adidas superstars in a new blaze

♥ 5
Skeletal Shoes

Skeletal Shoes

just working through my 'shoe upcycle' pile

♥ 29
Duct Tape Shoes Of Amazingness

Duct Tape Shoes Of Amazingness

epic shoes of duct tape

♥ 38
Decorate Your Boring Old Shoes

Decorate Your Boring Old Shoes

Buy a pair of shoes in the sale, even if they are ugly and make them special.:)

♥ 26
Patch Your Toms!

Patch Your Toms!

revamp your old, holey TOMS with a cute patch that will leave them looking cute, unique, and better than ever!

♥ 14
Urban Style Converse

Urban Style Converse

bleached converse very urban and no one will know you did it yourself

♥ 34



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