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Craft Projects tagged Japanese

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Wasabi Dog

Haute Dogs

♥ 0
Vegetable Tempura

The Itsu Cookbook

♥ 2
Itsu’s Special Salad

Itsu the Cookbook

♥ 2
Bottle Cap Locket

♥ 5
Ruffled Gothic Lolita Skirt

♥ 10
Shrimp & Noodle Okinomiyaki

Cook up a tasty Japanese pancake

♥ 4
Rilakkuma Bento Box

Make lunchtime cute with a relaxing Rilakumma bento box!

♥ 12
Seared Tuna & Kaiso Salad

A delicious salad filled with seaweed, edamame and topped with a garlic seared tuna steak!

♥ 0
Vegan Cheesecake

Cake yes, cheese no.

♥ 2
Pig Rice Ball

Very easy cute rice ball!

♥ 4
Domo Plush

kawaii domo-kun plushie from japan with pattern

♥ 14
Sparkly Tamagotchi!

Makes you actually want to replace that old run down battery.

♥ 3
Tuna Edamame Burgers

A hearty tuna steak burger with edamame and Japanese seasonings!

♥ 3
Kois On A Stretcher Frame

why buying a Koi for 1000 of Pounds, when you can make your own, individual Koi almost for free?

♥ 18
Ni No Kuni Inspired Shoes

Shoes inspired by the Studio Ghibli game Ni No Kuni - Wrath of the White Witch

♥ 5
Japanese Bling Nails

The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls

♥ 3
Koinobori   Japanese Flying Carp Diy

On children's day in Japan, large carp kites fly above the homes. This sweet and colourful mini version is a cute way to celebrate and brighten up your own home.

♥ 70
Yukari Papercraft

a easy one

♥ 0
Anime Papercraft Non

i don't know from witch anime this is . but if you know please comment

♥ 2
Negitoro Gunkan Maki

Just like in Kaitenzushi (Conveyor belt sushi) restaurants! ^-^

♥ 6
Haruhi Suzumiya Papercraft

i like this one . she is easy and can stand on her own

♥ 3
Yummy Momos <3

♥ 1
K On Yui Papercraft

cute and easy

♥ 9
Reimu Touhou Papercraft (Chibi )

this is a easy one . and very funny to make

♥ 5
Papercraft Chibi Miki Sayaka

you can make your own version

♥ 3
Angel Beats Papercraft

it's a easy one for beginers

♥ 6
Yoshi Pillow

A quick and personal birthday present for a friend

♥ 9
Spice Calamari Hand Rolls

Sushi Secrets

♥ 3
California Rolls

Sushi Secrets

♥ 12
Japanese Omelet Sushi

Sushi Secrets

♥ 13
Origami Totoro

♥ 0
Origami Domo

♥ 0
Night With Stars Dress

♥ 0
Cycle Away Dress

Make the essential Cycle Away dress!

♥ 20
Hair Bows

♥ 4
Usamimi Headband

Literally, "rabbit ears"

♥ 73
Japanese Style Egg Salad

make your own oriental healthy salad! fast and easy

♥ 3
Takuya Angel Inspi' Outfit

♥ 5
Usamimi Bow

AKA Kagamine Rin's Bow

♥ 38
Japanese Mum's Chicken

You'll be fighting the crowds off

♥ 8
Paper Crane Habitat

♥ 16
Totoro Felt Pin Badge

♥ 2
Totoro Bed

One of the comfiest and cutest set of bed sheets you will ever own!

♥ 279
Protection Kenji Tattoo

♥ 3
Heart Dango Tutorial

A simple and cute needle felting projet for beginners!

♥ 67
Punk/Lolita Corset Bracelet

♥ 8
Diy Cute Kitty Beret

a beret-style cloche hat made from the crown of a pirate hat, with a pair of ears added for cuteness

♥ 11
Decoden Iphone Cover

♥ 6
Kawaii Deco Case

♥ 2
Hetalia Pillows

♥ 10
Mini Daruma

Have extra ping-pong balls? Great!

♥ 11
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