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  1. How to make a tank top. T Shirt To Tank Top - Step 1 1

    take an old t shirt or any t shirt

  2. How to make a tank top. T Shirt To Tank Top - Step 2 2

    cut along the red
    i actually folded it in half and cut it to make sure it was somewhat even
    it doesn't have to be perfect since you won't see it in the end

    note: you're going to have to sew it down later so don't make it too low
    ALSO do not throw the sleeves out you will need them

  3. How to make a tank top. T Shirt To Tank Top - Step 3 3

    pinch and sew along blue

    this is embarrassing but...i actually wore the shirt as i did this cause my attempts of just sewing did not work out

    i suggest you use chalk or something to make a straight line for reference as you do this step

  4. How to make a tank top. T Shirt To Tank Top - Step 4 4

    now, take the sleeve and cut 3 thin strips...say 2 cm wide

    2 of them will only need to be half the sleeve (in the picture it is the one with TWO bolded lines on the ends)
    1 will need to be cut all the way around
    (this is the one with only one bolded line on the end)

    (In the picture you see only TWO strips shown, this is because one is 'underneath' the one with the bolded lines on the ends)

    an alternate to the strips is just sew the parts together

    i just tied it so that i knew what it would look like if i sewed it, then end up liking it the way it was

  5. How to make a tank top. T Shirt To Tank Top - Step 5 5

    take the strips and tie where the purple is

    the left picture is the front, you tie basically anywhere you want on the strap
    i had a tank top on and just tied it where the tank top had the strap starting
    when you're done that i usually just tuck the excess of the strips inside, but if you make a really tight knot i guess you can just cut it so that you don't have to worry about it

    on the right is the back, you can tie really anywhere between the strap parts, there will be that extra bit that sticks out, you can push this piece towards the inside of the shirt (whatever part that was above the part you tied, you'll know what i'm talking about once you've tied it) you can leave it there, really, or you can cut it so that they are individual straps
    the strip that was used to tie this was just left out but if you don't want that feel free to cut it or anything

    then TA DA you now have a new shirt to wear :)

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Ipsita K.
Ipsita K. · 9 projects

really cool! great!

edith s.
edith s. · Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US · 11 projects

Very Cute!

Kitten Luna
Kitten Luna · El Paso, Texas, US · 15 projects

*jumps outta bed and grabs old tshirt and scissors*......

Kirky · Sparta, Tennessee, US · 16 projects

super cool!

Penguin · 3 projects

Kiko : Thanks Happy i'll do that
Kyrna :
it was a loose fitting shirt, not tight around the waist area
*katie m*:
uhm, its sort of hard to explain i guess, but;
if you lay the sleeve flat, after cutting it off the t-shirt, just cut a strip. and you'll have basically a loop when its picked up, then you cut the middle which becomes your strip, ... hope that helped, message me if you still don't understand and i'll send pictures of soemthing

*katie m*
*katie m* · St Louis, Missouri, US · 14 projects

thanks for the tute!
step 4 doesn't make sense to me... what do you mean by strips? where on the sleeves?

Kyrna · Poultney, Vermont, US · 5 projects

Surprisingly simple and very pretty! Did you use a t-shirt that was already your size or did you use a bigger one?

Kiko · Arcadia, Florida, US · 14 projects

That's an awesome tank! But you might want to add needle and thread to the you will need section?

Nicole W.
Nicole W. · Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

Wow I can't wait to make this!! Thanks Happy

EVEnl · Schipluiden, South Holland, NL · 309 projects

That's a very cute shirt!

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