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Nice & Simple

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Reconned greco-roman dress from old sheet

It's kinda greco-roman ish...
very one-size fits all

It was much easier than it looks. I'll write up instructions if anyone wants them

how is it so one-size fits all?

no zipper or buttons or anything required! yay!



You Will Need

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  1. 1

  2. Step 1 2

    step 1
    cut a queen size sheet in half.
    discard one of these halves. (save it for later!)

    (the directions of the sheet will not change in these diagrams!)

  3. Step 2 3

    step 2
    cut the half you still have in half

    keep both

  4. Step 3 4

    step 3
    cut one of your halves in half

  5. Step 4 5

    Step 4

    now you have 3 pieces,

    A- the widest one

    B,C - the two smaller ones

  6. Step 5 6

    Step 5

    sew b and c together as shown, (this will be the garment's front)leave about 1/4 of the height unsewn.

    hem the newly created front of the neck.

  7. Step 6 7

    Step 6

    sew b and c to a as shown. this will create the dress's sides. leave about 1/4th of the height unsewn. these are armholes which you should now hem.

  8. Step 7 8

    Step 7

    pin the corners of b and c to a as shown in order to create a good neckline shape. you can guestimate the distance you want it to be. play with it and see what you like.

    this will create the back of the neckine to go along with the front.

  9. Step 8 9

    Step 8

    gather the tops of the armholes or fold them depending on the look you want. make sure that they are even and then sew them together as shown.

    now is the time to hem the back of the neckline.

  10. Step 9 10

    Step 9

    belt it and you're done!

    I've included a pic of it without the belt as well as two different belts i've used with it.

    you can use ribbons, cords, belts, vines, snakes, whatever strikes your fancy!

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