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About this project

too much time on my hands :D

Thought my Cotton wool needed its own dispenser.
It works by filling the tube with cotton wool. You then fit the smaller tube inside (which has a flat disc fitted to the bottom) and you use it to push to cotton wool down the tube. You then take out fresh cotton wool through the opening at the front (seen on pic 2). I then covered it in alien stickers and some left over stickers from a model kit :)



Toothpaste Yarn Dispenser

Toothpaste Yarn Dispenser

A tooth paste holder that'll leave your yarn smelling minty fresh!

♥ 67
Yarn Spool Box

Yarn Spool Box

Keep your yarn rolling

♥ 63
Cute Thread Holders

Cute Thread Holders

cute and practical

♥ 30
Chevron Swatch

Chevron Swatch

Garter Stitch Chevron

♥ 1



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