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15 mins

Wear the missing piece of the puzzle.
Game pieces are great for making earrings. Try using chess pieces, dominoes, or whatever your favourite game is.

Posted by Cat Morley from Edinburgh, United Kingdom • Published See Cat Morley's 507 projects »

  • How to make a dangle earring. Puzzle Piece Earrings - Step 1
    Step 1

    The only materials you will need for this project are 2 puzzle pieces, 2 small jump rings and 2 earring hooks.

  • How to make a dangle earring. Puzzle Piece Earrings - Step 2
    Step 2

    Pierce a hole through the puzzle piece with a needle.

  • How to make a dangle earring. Puzzle Piece Earrings - Step 3
    Step 3

    Open a jump ring using pliers and slip it through the hole on the puzzle piece.

  • How to make a dangle earring. Puzzle Piece Earrings - Step 4
    Step 4

    Slip the jump ring through an earring hook and close. All done.


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Hannah of An Old Story
Hannah of An Old Story · Madison, Wisconsin, US · 11 projects

Hi! I would like to let you know that I've included this great project in a "Homemade Gift Guide" post on my blog. Thanks for sharing your talent! :) http://anoldstoryblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/five-for-friday-homemade-gift-guide.html

Svenning · Grenaa, Central Denmark Region, DK · 4 projects

Wauw, those are so nice!! I love goofy earrings :D

Pink Custard
Pink Custard · , , · 1 project

i love it. Four little steps and you're done :D i really like the way you don't ramble on about stuff - i swear i always do so yeah its nice just top have it straight to the point if you know what i mean :/ sorry im kinda blurrbish :Lx

Saundra L.
Saundra L.

These great little earrings take on new meaning when you learn that the puzzle piece is the worldwide symbol for Autism awareness!!! If you know anyone who is or has someone in their life who is autistic, you soon learn there is defenitly a piece of the puzzle missing in their lives.

Patricia S.
Patricia S. · , , Australia · 5 projects

I love it!!!

Rachel · Kentucky, Kentucky, US

i love these!!!
and have been meaning to make myself a pair...

Christy S.
Christy S. · Kalispell, MT, MT, US


meis54 · ,

Hey this is great. I have a puzzel that would make neat earrings. I just love it when someone thinks out of the box. Keep up the good work.
Rosemary ------------who likes all that is different

Mrs Edward Cullen
Mrs Edward Cullen · Birmingham, England, United Kingdom · 12 projects

:S in the list of Stuff you need it Dosnt Mention 2 Puzzle pieces Lol Its like the main Thing you need as well :D

Tiffany S.
Tiffany S. · North Carolina, North Carolina, US · 1 project

Argg I so wish my ears didnt have knots in them so that I could make some of these great earrings that you've created.
Keep up the good work!

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