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Princess Seamed Bodice Pattern Generator


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30 mins

Fill in the blanks and follow the directions to create your own waist-length princess seamed bodice!
I have done something amazing! I have used Excel to create a princess seamed bodice pattern generator, and I'm letting anyone and everyone use it!

You won't be able to change anything but the purple cells (to keep mean people from stealing it), but those are the only ones you need to be able to mess with. All you do is take your measurements, put them in the appropriate purple block, and follow the directions. Make sure you read the notes at the bottom first.

This is not the last version I'm going to make. It's kinda like a Beta test. I tried it with my measurements and it worked great. Now it's time to get some feedback.

The software I used was Microsoft Office Excel 2007. The image is from Forever 21, and it's a picture of the bodice of a dress that inspired this venture.

If the link here doesn't work, snatch it from my blog: http://www.phwoosh.blogspot.com/2011/02/princess-seam-bodice-generator.html

Posted by Anna the Ewok from United States • Published February 26, 2011 • See Anna the Ewok's 22 projects »

  • PrincessSeamPatternGenerator1.0.xlsx 13.5 KB [ Download ]

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lin d.
lin d.

aka how would you make the seams continue into the sleeve?

lin d.
lin d.

this looks great! Can I use it to make princess seams for a full shirt (like a sleeveless peplum shirt) or is it just for sweetheart bodices?


THANK YOU!!!!! I have been trying to find a pattern for a bodice I need for a costume and since I am a beginner I could not figure out the measurements!!!!!!!!!! (or how to draw it :) )

Clara I.
Clara I.

Made the paper patterns- Looking good :)

Samantha H.
Samantha H. · Fairfax, Virginia, US · 3 projects

Thank you so much for this! I just drafted my pieces. Now to cut out fabric and put them all together. (A Trader Joe's bag works perfectly to fit all the pieces)

Andrea B.
Andrea B. · 9 projects

Looks very professional! Really going to try it!

cathy b.
cathy b.

Hi. I am ready to put my measurements in. I just am confused about exactly how to measure a couple of them!
#1: Snug with armpits all the way around
#2: Around where the band of a bra would be...under the breasts
#3: Natural waist line (got that one!)
#4: On side, inside armpit to natural waist
#5: On side, inside armpit to side where fullest bust is (nipple being at this level important?)
#6: On side, natural waist to side where fullest bust is (nipple?)
(Am I right with how I am understanding the measuring?) Thanks!

aldo l.
aldo l. · 2 projects

so cute

cazz E.
cazz E.

YOU ARE AMAZING <3 thank you sooo much for sharing this!

Anna the Ewok
Anna the Ewok · Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States · 22 projects

Chuckee, I had fun with it, and I thought it was a wonderful use of my day off. It's my pleasure to share it with everyone. Finding ways to make patterns shouldn't be a chore, and that's what it was for me.

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