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Nice 'n' Simple
PrincessSeamPatternGenerator1.0.xlsx 13.5 KB [ Download ]

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
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Fill in the blanks and follow the directions to create your own waist-length princess seamed bodice!

I have done something amazing! I have used Excel to create a princess seamed bodice pattern generator, and I'm letting anyone and everyone use it!

You won't be able to change anything but the purple cells (to keep mean people from stealing it), but those are the only ones you need to be able to mess with. All you do is take your measurements, put them in the appropriate purple block, and follow the directions. Make sure you read the notes at the bottom first.

This is not the last version I'm going to make. It's kinda like a Beta test. I tried it with my measurements and it worked great. Now it's time to get some feedback.

The software I used was Microsoft Office Excel 2007. The image is from Forever 21, and it's a picture of the bodice of a dress that inspired this venture.

If the link here doesn't work, snatch it from my blog:



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