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Maitland, Nova Scotia, CA
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just another plaid pleated purse

for me it actually tooka really long time because my thread keeps breaking or coming out of the upper threader... sooo frustrating.. im new at this aha... so yeah i just took two different lkinds of material.. in this case plaid and corderoy, pleated the plaid and sewing them together... made the bottom rounded to make it look better.. then i cut sort of a u? shape out of cord for the top.. then i twisted some plaid for the hoops for the straps... made some straps outt of the cord... ill likely put a bow on the back cuz the backis really plain.. humm... yeah thats about it.


Fan Bag

Fan Bag

Sew a fan shaped bag.

♥ 344
Penny's Tote

Penny's Tote

a tote using pennys tute,

♥ 20
Blue Gingham Pleated Bag

Blue Gingham Pleated Bag

A bag I made for my cousin as a baby shower gift.

♥ 6
Pleated Tote Bag

Pleated Tote Bag

A fast, cute bag for all occasions.

♥ 290
Pink Purse With Buttons

Pink Purse With Buttons

courdoroy and buttons!

♥ 14
Butterflies And Fruit Pleated Tote

Butterflies And Fruit Pleated Tote

Butterflies and Fruit Pleated Tote

♥ 548


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