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Version This project is a version of Paper Rose Boutonniere by Scarlet

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Nice 'n' Simple

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Seattle, Great NorthWest, United States
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Based on Paper Rose Boutonniere by Scarlet

A gift to a 'bride to be' when I had zero dollars.
I used card stock, green satin ribbon, clear packaging tape, and a wooden skewer from my kitchen. I used a regular pencil to shape the petals.
This project was kinda difficult for me to make. As you may see I had some trouble keeping the middle of the rose centered. I plan on making some more as they are a great and impressive gift.

Blue And White Fabric Boutonniere

Blue And White Fabric Boutonniere

An aqua blue & white floral boutonniere made from silk fabric.

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DIY Boutonnieres

DIY Boutonnieres

Forget big budget bouts, make your own for cheapsies!

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Tron Bonne Brooch (From Megaman Legends)

Tron Bonne Brooch (From Megaman Legends)

Acessorize like the mecha genius of the Bonne family!

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Crystal Boutonniere

Crystal Boutonniere

When I got married last July of course it was a crafty affair.

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Paper Rose Boutonniere

Paper Rose Boutonniere

One of a kind handmade rose =]

♥ 1386
Flower Boutineer

Flower Boutineer

Easy Peasy Flower Boutineer

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