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Because you should never pay $5 for something that's going to be thrown away.

This may look fancy, but it's really all based off of 8 simple folds. If there's any step you're stuck on, leave me a comment, and I'll try to help you out!



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  1. Step 1 1

    Start out with 2 sheets of computer paper. Make the largest square possible out of each one, and put everything but one square aside.

  2. Step 2 2

    Fold the corners together, and unfold

  3. Step 3 3

    Fold two opposite corners into the center

  4. Step 4 4

    Then fold those folds into the center.

  5. Step 5 5


  6. Step 6 6

    Do the same to the other two corners

  7. Step 7 7

    Unfold again!

  8. Step 8 8

    See that group of 4 squares in the center that my fingers are outlining? That will be the bottom of the box. You can outline them in pencil if that'll help.

  9. Step 9 9

    Fold a corner over along the "bottom" edge, and crease hard (you'll be tearing soon)

  10. Step 10 10

    Tear these four lines, only until you reach the "bottom" square.

  11. Step 11 11


  12. Step 12 12


  13. Step 13 13

    Fold, fold, fold.

  14. Step 14 14

    Hold the two pointy tabs together so they form kind of one continuous side.

  15. Step 15 15

    Then fold the long strip over, and....

  16. Step 16 16

    ...down, to secure the two pointy things.

  17. Step 17 17

    Do the same for the other side, and then fold your other square the same way to make a lid.

    Note: it doesn't really matter that the lid is the same size as the bottom-- it's paper, so most likely the lid will fit on fine (I've never had problems with that anyhow)

  18. Step 18 18

    Make a bow!

    Remember those two rectangles we have left over? Cut those each into four thin strips.

  19. Step 19 19

    Simple loopy bow shape. Glue the ends in place.

  20. Step 20 20

    Stack them!

  21. Step 21 21

    Glue them onto the lid!

    Experiment with the bow too-- the possibilities are virtually endless!

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