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marble design how to make in the notes

I was playing around with my cold clay and came up with funny look pieces and then I poked holes in where I would put jump rings. Next I had to let the pieces over night until they all was hard. Then I got a container and filled it half way (I wanted to see if I could make a marble design) with warm water. Next I drop different color nail polish in the water and took the toothpick and made swirl in the water until it was the design I like (caution when making the swirl with the toothpick do it only about 3 or 4 times and wipe the toothpick in between swirl). Now hook the clay piece and dip slowly in the water and now take the cotton swab and swirl it around the hook in the water try not to touch ur piece and don't keep ur piece in the water to long. Next pull the piece out slowly and let it dry. Once all piece are done connect with the chain and jump ring hope u like peace:-) .



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St Petersburg Necklace

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