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Roseville,CA, wants to live downtown...=(, United States
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Square small family labor day sept  2009 111 1253324346
Square small cut out n keep 010 1238349758
Square small cut out n keep 077 1238049155
Magazine Purse

The day we made the magazine bowls my cousin decided to make me a purse. She used the same strips we used on the bowls and weaved the paper together. SHe taped it up and made this beautiful bag for me. Thanks Necia I love iT!Heres her myspace site:
Hopefullly dhe will blog with us soon!!!


How To Turn An Envelope Into A Gift Bag

How To Turn An Envelope Into A Gift Bag

With a few folds and craft supplies you can turn an ordinary A4 envelope into a pretty party bag

♥ 4
Gift Bag Made From A Magazine Page

Gift Bag Made From A Magazine Page

A simple, easy to make gift bag using recycle materials.

♥ 139
Junk Mail Gift Bags

Junk Mail Gift Bags

DIY - Gift Bags out of junk mail!

♥ 247
Newspaper Gift Bag

Newspaper Gift Bag

Fold a newspaper gift bag.

♥ 51
Paper Book Purse

Paper Book Purse

Woven purse from book pages

♥ 125
Dice Bag Part Ii

Dice Bag Part Ii

Finish the dice bag

♥ 4



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