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Almost Nothing
Magazine Purse

The day we made the magazine bowls my cousin decided to make me a purse. She used the same strips we used on the bowls and weaved the paper together. SHe taped it up and made this beautiful bag for me. Thanks Necia I love iT!Heres her myspace site: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=453946437
Hopefullly dhe will blog with us soon!!!


Gift Bag Made From A Magazine Page

Gift Bag Made From A Magazine Page

A simple, easy to make gift bag using recycle materials.

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DIY Flat Gift Bags

simple project to do with all the left over wrapping paper

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Custom Printed Gift Bags

Custom Printed Gift Bags

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Origami Gift Bag Tutorial

Origami Gift Bag Tutorial

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DIY Gift Bags

DIY Gift Bags

instructions on how to make your own gift bags

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How To Turn An Envelope Into A Gift Bag

How To Turn An Envelope Into A Gift Bag

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artjunkie *.
artjunkie *.

i really like this! ooh! wouldn't it be amazing if you somehow made a raincoat using this technique! someone do that and then show me how!

<3Kelseigh Noelle(;
<3Kelseigh Noelle(; · , MilkieWay, · 6 projects

Yes this would be a perfect present for people! It would be really nice if you could post this!!

Crystal W.
Crystal W. · US · 5 projects

Man, I'd really like a how to to this, if someone has one, or something simular to this. =]

Joyce K.
Joyce K.

WHERE is the HOW TO???

SuperCool and Really Trendy
SuperCool and Really Trendy · GB · 60 projects

I would love a How2 as well...I love paper 2! My sons old computer mags are g8 for this kinda stuff!
How come I see g8 stuff when it's late here...
Keeping me up all nite!

Cassie · Disney Castle, , · 1 project

it's very cute

Naomi T.
Naomi T. · CA

Any chance you or your cousin can post instructions for this?
I love this-paper is my medium!!
Can I be part of your family? I have lots of magazines to share.....


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