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Pretty Tough

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Because every little goth girl needs one, with a little gothic dolly to match.

Okay, I worked so hard on this.

I started out with just the coffin box. The assignment was to make a "self-portrait box," something that reflected who you were, so I decided I wanted to make a coffin. I made all the dimensions myself, cut the wood out, glued and nailed them together, painted it, put on the hinges, the latch, and the little handles, tacked in velvet lining on the inside, and painted the cross on top. That took about a month to finish. I submitted it to an art contest, but it didn't do as well as I hoped.

I didn't get the idea to create the little doll inside until the second art show. The little doll (her name is Requiem) is made out of Sculpey clay, masking tape and wire. I used doll hair for her little pig tails, and designed her dress myself. She only took a week to create. Go figure.

Anyway, I am very pleased with the outcome, and I adore it. This has got to be my favorite art project ever. Created in Sculpture III.

Created: February/March 2010



Gothy Box

Gothy Box

yay for coffins!

♥ 25
Coffin Ring Bearers Box

Coffin Ring Bearers Box

a box i made for our wedding instead of the ol pillow

♥ 7
Gothic Coffin Box

Gothic Coffin Box

I put my own nail the coffin - suck on that, Death! >:D

♥ 15
Pocky Coffin Box

Pocky Coffin Box

A tastful coffin box!

♥ 79
~Coffin Boxes~

~Coffin Boxes~

Cute gifts or party favors for Halloween!

♥ 114
Fancy Coffin

Fancy Coffin

Might as well go out in style!

♥ 7



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