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Nice & Simple

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Hanover, Niedersachsen, DE
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I´m getting fashionable...

two weeks ago i was on the attic of my aunt to look for a carpet for our living room. My grandmother, who lived in their house before she died loved persians and all the old stuff (the lamp in the pictures was also hers) So, whilst looking around through tons of stuff i found an old round crochet tablecloth. i took it and thought i can make something out of it (or lay it on my table at least...) today the time has come! i took a part of the tablecloth, some paisley lining and a zipper and voila, a skirt!!




You Will Need

Project Cost
Almost Nothing

  1. Step 1 1

    Take the tablecloth and lay it on the floor/table.
    Define the middle axe and measure your desired length of the skirt from the outer edge. From this point mark half of your waist measurement to each left and right (in circle, i used the crochet pattern as guidance).
    Measure 21cm down from top point. From this point measure half of your hip msm each to left and right.
    Connect the two points you got and extend to the bottom edge.

  2. Step 2 2

    Lay your skirt piece on your lining and cut around the shape. maybe shorten the hem so it doesn´t show.

  3. 3

    finish all edges with a serger except from the top edges of both pieces.

  4. Step 4 4

    take the lace piece and sew the zipper to the left and right edges. Close the rest of the seam below the zipper, this is the back of your skirt.

  5. 5

    now take the lining piece and close the seam from hemline to the point the zipper starts.

  6. Step 6 6

    lay the lace layer and the lining right sides facing on each other and sew the top edge.
    sew the open part of the lining seam to the zipper.
    finish the top edge with the serger, clip corners and turn.
    sry, i think i should make another photo for that point.

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