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, In a small room, with buttons and levers., United States
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Green Tea Cupcakes with a SCRATCH Cream Cheese Icing!

I've been wanting to make some of these for a looong time now ^^.

(( after baking them, they tasted AND smelled like a green tea cream frap from a certain coffee place XD ))

EDIT: had to make a spelling correction on 'matcha'.




  1. How to bake a green tea cupcake. Green Tea Cupcakes!! - Step 1 1

    STEP 1: mix the cake mix as it says on the box (i used the one pictured), OR, if you are a baker and can make your own from scratch FEEL FREE TO!

  2. How to bake a green tea cupcake. Green Tea Cupcakes!! - Step 2 2

    STEP 2: Once you mix the cake up, add the GREEN TEA POWDER to the mix and MIX WELL ((add the powder TO TASTE. YES i tasted the batter, but however it tastes before, it tastes after)), or else you will have chunks of powder in the finished cuppycakes. I used the powder pictured, my mom got it for me at the dollar store of all places, AND ITS GOOD.

    ***ALSO at this point, if you want to add GREEN FOOD COLORING you can. I added it to mine because the green tea color by itself was just ugly looking ^^***

  3. 3

    After you get it all mixed up like you want it, separate the mix into cupcake paper things and bake according to the BOXED CAKE, or however you bake your cake from scratch. Me personally, I use the boxed stuff to cheat XD. NO PICTURE HERE.

  4. How to bake a green tea cupcake. Green Tea Cupcakes!! - Step 4 4

    While the cupcakes are baking, you can make the icing. This is how i made mine:

    mix 8 oz. of cream cheese with Powdered Sugar mixed in to taste. I added 1 tsp of butter to it to make it kind of creamy, then a LITTLE BIT of milk to thin it out a bit (it was getting thick on me XD) the picture is what the icing looked like.

  5. How to bake a green tea cupcake. Green Tea Cupcakes!! - Step 5 5

    After the cuppycakes bake, put the icing on them and then ENJOY! The picture is what the inside of the cupcakes look like when done (no icing because i ate that first -blush-)

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