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Muscat, Muscat, OM
Square small  08  navy blue dress n lace bolero
Square small  07  mint green dress n bolero
Square small  05  yellow dress n printed black blazer
Square small  04  printed gray dress n bolero
Since the available cocktail dresses are too expensive, I decided to make one for her graduation.

For this project, I made the upper part first, with the gray fabric as accent and ribbon in front.Then for the skirt part, i made a gathered skirt with the main fabric and the organza fabric sewn toghether. Then, i sew the top and the skirt together. Accessorized the dress with small beads on the front part of the skirt.



Rockabilly Wiggle Dress

Rockabilly Wiggle Dress

I salvaged an unfinished dress and gave it new life :)

♥ 21
My Diy Dress

My Diy Dress

a dress

♥ 25
Duvet Cover To Dress

Duvet Cover To Dress

Single union jack duvet cover into a 'vintage' shift dress

♥ 13
My First Dress

My First Dress

Vogue V1102 - perfect for a winter wedding

♥ 31
Tartan Shirt Dress

Tartan Shirt Dress

tried to buy a tartan dress I liked, decided making one was an easier option :) Also should say SHIFT dress, not shirt.

♥ 8
Low Back Dress With Chains

Low Back Dress With Chains

upcycle a dress with chains

♥ 12



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