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Nice 'n' Simple

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Ottawa, , CA
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cool way to stay warm

1) Find a knit sweater with LARGE sleeves. I found an XL sweater at a local thrift shop for cheap :)
**the top of the arm, where it meets the shoulder, needs to be able to fit around your head**

2) cut one sleeve off at shoulder seam, turn inside out and hand sew the other end to desired length. Try it on, this is a good time to adjust fit.

3) I used the hem at the bottom of the sweater to create a finished look for my hat ...I think a zig-zag stitch works best for this, but since my machine can't do that a straight stitch also works :P

4) ta-da! all done :)


Panda Hat! ^ ^

Panda Hat! ^ ^

Jealous? - Make your own.

♥ 403
Crochet Urban Slouchy Beanie

Crochet Urban Slouchy Beanie

Crochet this easy beanie!

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Crochet Cable Chullo (Andean Earflap Hat)

Crochet Cable Chullo (Andean Earflap Hat)

Tips on how to make your own incredibly warm crochet cable chullo.

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Long Pointy Elfish Beanie

Long Pointy Elfish Beanie

If you feel like being weird...or an elf (like me!) feel free to try this pattern :)

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Super Slouch Hat

Super Slouch Hat

Channel your inner hippie...

♥ 71
Knook Hat

Knook Hat

a slouchy beanie with a new tool- the knook!

♥ 6



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