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Feminism Bracelet (Chaplet)
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Creativity has got to start with humanity and when you're a human being, you feel, you suffer.

This is a little project I've made recently... I really liked those chaplet bracelets that some religious people wear, but since I'm atheist, I've decided to make one myself, but with different icons! xoxo, Zombie Darling


  • How to make a bracelet. Feminism Bracelet (Chaplet) - Step 1
    Step 1

    Find some really small pictures you like...Your pets, family, friends...anything you like...:)))

  • How to make a bracelet. Feminism Bracelet (Chaplet) - Step 3
    Step 2

    Now, pick a color for the beads... I like pink, but since I don't own that shade of Fimo, I've made it from glitter red and glitter white! ;))

  • How to make a bracelet. Feminism Bracelet (Chaplet) - Step 4
    Step 3

    Shape some rectangles, like this...Or make them a little bit more round...That's what I don't like about mine ones! :))

  • How to make a bracelet. Feminism Bracelet (Chaplet) - Step 5
    Step 4

    Oh, don't forget the small, round beads that go between the large beads! O:)

  • How to make a bracelet. Feminism Bracelet (Chaplet) - Step 6
    Step 5

    After you made two holes in every bead, bake them and glue the pictures on! :DD

  • How to make a bracelet. Feminism Bracelet (Chaplet) - Step 7
    Step 6

    Now, when all your beads are ready, string them on your thread or, in my case, wire. You'll need two pieces of wire/thread. :D

  • How to make a bracelet. Feminism Bracelet (Chaplet) - Step 8
    Step 7

    After you got all the beads on wire/thread, add some chain if needed, my bracelet wasn't long enough, so I had to add two small pieces! :))

  • How to make a bracelet. Feminism Bracelet (Chaplet) - Step 9
    Step 8

    And...yeah...that's it! Hope you like it! xoxo, Zombie Darling

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Feminism Bracelet (Chaplet)

Feminism Bracelet (Chaplet)

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Alyse B.
Alyse B. · Seoul, KR · 1 project
This looks like an awesome bracelet! But, I think that you might be kind of mistaken in calling it a chaplet, which are prayer beads and not usually worn... Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i weare the orgine bracelet too, but i'm a sort of boedhist. i like the kitshy pictures, but i love your idea too,
mayby years later when i don't like the kitschy pictures no more i will make your project and send an version. I promise.;-D
like your idea, sooo cool too.;-D
Mariah K.
Mariah K. · Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US · 4 projects
this is so amazing! i've always loved those religious bracelets too but, i'm jewish so obviously i never bought one...but this is so bad ass! i'm going to try this Happy
Zombie D.
Zombie D. · 10 projects
Uuu! That sounds cool! Maybe I could make a Gothic one for my twin sister? Great idea... Btw, thanks for adding this to favorites! Happy))
Groovy Mama
Groovy Mama · College Station, Texas, US · 11 projects
Love it. I am going to make mine with black fimo and Gothic fairies. So excited...
Zombie D.
Zombie D. · 10 projects
Oh...big mistake! I was just trying to gather some famous womans... Some historical characters, cartoon stuff and yeah, sex symbols... Now I see that calling it feminstic isn't really the right word... But, since I'm still learning English language, I didn't realize this... Happy(( I wish I could rename it now... Happy
FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
...Betty Boop, the Monroe... and then calling it a FEMINISM bracelet? Niiiiice. Sex symbols SO meet the idea of feminists all over the world...

And Anne Frank as a role model? Rather fascinating, if not heavily disturbing.

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