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, Pennsylvania, United States
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I made this little box out of duct tape, it's really cool!

I found this in a book, "Got Tape" by Ellie Schiedermayer. I love it!


Extract from

Got Tape?: Roll Out the Fun With Duct Tape! by Ellie Schiedermayer

Published by Other

People love duct tape. Whether it is Red Green fixing everything in sight with the material on his PBS television show or kids fashioning wallets to give to their dads on Father's Day, duct tape is here to stay. Now children and adults can make 30 fun, kooky, and unique projects with everyone's favorite fix-all, including a picture frame, visor, purse, tie, and postcards. All projects are made solely of duct tape; no other supplies except, scissors are needed! Crafters can then decorate their unique creations with embellishing tools like stickers and markers. Ranging in difficulty from easy to more advanced, each project is presented with step-by-step instructions and photographs.

© 2015 Ellie Schiedermayer / Other · Reproduced with permission.


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  1. How to make a box. Duct Tape Box - Step 1 1

    First make 2 duct tape sheets 6 inches long by 4 strips wide. One will be for the bottom and one will be for the lid. I forgot to take my own pictures so I'll give credit to the sites I take them from...

    Thank you for the picture!

  2. How to make a box. Duct Tape Box - Step 2 2

    Next make two 6 inch strips and two 7 1/2 inch strips (sticky side to sticky side), or four strips as long as the four sides of your box.

    thanks shutterstock for the picture!

  3. How to make a box. Duct Tape Box - Step 3 3

    Next tape your strips to the corresponding sides of the bottom of your box.

    I took these pictures out of the book "Got Tape" by Ellie Schiedermayer.

  4. How to make a box. Duct Tape Box - Step 4 4

    Next you need to fold up the sides of your box and tape them together at the corners. It should start to look like a box!!

  5. How to make a box. Duct Tape Box - Step 5 5

    After you have your sides all put together you can put little dividers in your box to make little compartments!

  6. How to make a box. Duct Tape Box - Step 6 6

    Now tape on the other sheet to the top of your box to make a lid!! And you're done!!

  7. How to make a box. Duct Tape Box - Step 7 7

    I put a button and piece of elastic on mine to make it shut, and I also decorated the top with slicks paints! You can use sharpies or paint markers too.

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