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Fort Wayne, Indiana, US
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Based on Diy Zoe Karssen Bat Sweater by Alternativelychiic

I was inspired to make the above after seeing this DIY and decided it was perfect to jazz up an oversized long sleeve T-Shirt that had some bleach stains. I looks much more sparkly in person.

I didn't want an exact copy cat so I made it designer better by adding green glitter paint around the bat to give it an eerie glow and a smaller bat in lower right hand side to cover a bleach stain.


Chic Charity

Chic Charity

… Or what £11 in thrift shop buys and the celebrities’ choice of broderie-trimmed brilliance have in common.

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Kenzo's Eye Diy Sweater

Kenzo's Eye Diy Sweater

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Reconstructed Sweater Cuffs

Reconstructed Sweater Cuffs

Knit new and improved cuffs onto less-than-perfect old sweater sleeves!

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Sweeter Sweater

Sweeter Sweater

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Skull Sweatshirt

Skull Sweatshirt

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Pin Tucked Sweatshirt Dress

Pin Tucked Sweatshirt Dress

For those cold winter days

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