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Nice 'n' Simple
How to Make a Shrinky Necklace - Good things come in small (crisp) packages

We ate so many bags of cheap crisps when we made these shrinky necklaces to sell in the shop. Hundreds! And we became obsessed by the packaging, and the amazing graphics on noodle packets and sweet wrappers from continental markets. One day we found an ancient empty crisp packet – hedgehog flavour – under the floorboards and it was like discovering gold!



  1. How to make a recycled necklace. Crisp Packet Necklace - Step 1 1

    Scoff the contents of the packets while making up the necklace. Salt and vinegar crisps, yum.
    Make an envelope with the greaseproof paper and pop your food packet inside it. Set your oven to a medium
    heat and let it warm up a bit Put the envelopes on to a baking tray and put it in the oven. Don’t wander off.
    The packets will start to shrink and curl up but you don’t want them to burn or blister, so keep a weather eye on proceedings.

  2. 2

    As soon as you think they’ve shrunk enough, remove the baking sheet and quickly pop a folded tea towel on
    top of the envelope and then slam your hand down on it to flatten your shrinkies. BAM! Such a satisfying
    noise. Don’t worry if it goes wrong the first few times you attempt it, as there’s a bit of a knack to it. Practise
    on easy-to-come-by stuff, and when you’ve mastered the art, go to work on your carefully hoarded vintage

  3. How to make a recycled necklace. Crisp Packet Necklace - Step 3 3

    Now decide how you want your shrinky to dangle. If you punch a hole in the corner it’ll hang aslant, but if you punch a hole in the top centre it’ll dangle straight down. Use the hole punch to make the hole when you’ve chosen its position. Open a regular jump ring with the pliers and thread the packet on to the jump ring and then the jump ring to the necklace. Close with the pliers.

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Crisp Packet Necklace

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