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So so
Not your average ring.

I making custom rings because then I can have something my size. I also thought it would be fun to do some sort of jewelry with a vine pattern that crawled across the hand. This is an inexpensive project. I already had the supplies, so for me it was free. Sorry for the bad pictures. I used the camera on my computer.



  1. How to make a ring. Crawling Vine Ring - Step 1 1

    Cut about a yard of wire. I didn't make any precise measurements. I just cut an amount that I figured would be long enough. Starting at the bottom put one bead on and then thread the wire back through. Pull tight. This will secure the end.

  2. How to make a ring. Crawling Vine Ring - Step 2 2

    Add 4 beads. This is the straight part of the vine. Now bend the wire at a right angle to the 4 beads and into a leaf shape. Add beads until the leaf is filled.

  3. How to make a ring. Crawling Vine Ring - Step 3 3

    Now that the leaf is filled, wrap the wire around the point where the leaf meets the straighter part of the vine. Wrap it several times to close off the leaf. Now add four beads. Next make another leaf shape on the opposite side. Fill and close off as before.

  4. How to make a ring. Crawling Vine Ring - Step 4 4

    Continue doing this until the vine reaches from whichever finger you want the ring on to your wrist (or however long you want it). As you work your way up you may want to make the leaves smaller and make the straight part longer by using more than 4 beads. Anyways, once it is long enough determine how big the ring part needs to be.

  5. How to make a ring. Crawling Vine Ring - Step 5 5

    Fill it with beads and wrap wire around joining point several times. You can keep doing this until the ring part is as thick as you want. I did it three times.

  6. How to make a ring. Crawling Vine Ring - Step 6 6

    Once your done wrapping, just close it off as usual by wrapping the wire around the joining point several times. Trim off any ends and your done! I hope these directions made sense :-P

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Jet H.
Jet H. · NL · 108 projects

beautiful and pretty!!!

Melissa Beth A.
Melissa Beth A. · US · 57 projects

Good idea! I have plenty of materials leftover.

Luna · Dayton, Ohio, US · 41 projects

very cool. you should make yoursef a maching neckless to go with it and maybe some earring :)


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