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Nice 'n' Simple

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Craft box I fixed up

I had been looking for a craft box for all my little crafty things. So my boyfriend found this in the back of his old storage building and it was full of nuts and bolts n things. So I cleaned it up and decorated it.

And now it's my pretty crafty-loo box.
I love it.




  1. How to make a box. Craft Box - Step 1 1

    So, I'm not really going to give a step by step. But I'll try to break it down.

    Find 3 diff color decorative sheets of paper at your local craft/scrapbooking store. I used 12x12 paper.

    You use one to cover the back, another to use on the outside, and the third to glue into each individual drawer.

    Basically you just cut it to whatever size and shape you want and glue them in.

  2. How to make a box. Craft Box - Step 2 2

    Now I used rubber cement to glue all the paper down. It brushes smoothly and sticks so it worked for me, but use whatever you think is best.

    You can hold the paper up to the drawers or the box and draw lines to cut them to size.

    I used a provocraft paper cutter so it went pretty smoothly. I'm sure scissors will work fine, just take a bit longer.

  3. How to make a box. Craft Box - Step 3 3

    On the top I hot glued buttons along the lines of the paper. But you can be creative and use glitter or lace or whatever takes your fancy.

    After your done just fill it with buttons,hairclips,googley eyes,jewelry pieces, and more!

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