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Cozy two-toned ballet slippers for lounging around the house.

This pattern was created for a size 8 1/2-9. For a smaller slipper, decrease the amount of rows at the end of the pattern. For a larger slipper, increase the amount of rows at the end of the pattern.


  • Step 1

    I used Martha Stewart’s extra soft wool blend yarn in winter sky for the caps, and a dark green wool blend I found at Michael’s that I cannot remember the brand of. The abbreviations used in this pattern include the chain stitch (ch), slip stitch (ss), and double crochet stitch (dc). Pattern is in US terms. A 4mm crochet hook was used. I created these slippers by double stranding my yarn to make them thicker and cozier.

    Round 1: dc 8 into a magic ring. ss into first dc. ch 2.

  • Step 2

    Round 2: 2 dc in each stitch around. ss into first dc. ch2.

  • Step 3

    Round 3: *1 dc in next three dc, 2 dc in next dc* repeat around. ss into first dc. ch 2.

  • Step 4

    Round 4: dc around. ss into first dc. ch 2.

  • Step 5

    Round 5: change color. dc around. ss into first dc. ch 2.

  • Step 6

    Round 6: dc in next 16 stitches. ch 2 and turn.

  • Step 7

    Round 7-9: dc in second chain from hook and each stitch across. ch 2. turn.The first stitch in the second chain from hook should be an extra stitch that will increase each row by one stitch for the next three rows. This will make the slippers fit nicely around the heel so it won’t feel like slipping off.

  • Step 8

    Round 10-14: dc in each stitch across. ch 2. turn.

    Finish Off: Fold the ends of the last row together (the heel of the slipper) and slip stitch down to the heel. Fasten off and weave in ends. Take your needle and thread and sew your buttons on top.

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