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cancer awareness childrens beanie

I knitted this beanie for cancer awareness during relay for life, i chose gold to represent childhood cancer, it is a child sized beanie and i have patterns i made for other ones such as "Survivor" and "fight" and various ribbons



Easy Pe Asy Hat

Easy Pe Asy Hat

Easy PEAsy knit hat

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Gnome Fair Isle Beanie

Gnome Fair Isle Beanie

I love me some fairy tale :)

♥ 19
Hat From An Old Shirt

Hat From An Old Shirt

Make a comfy hat that doesn't itch and fits your head perfectly!

♥ 5
Diy  "No Dye" Tie Dye Beanie

Diy "No Dye" Tie Dye Beanie

A fun, easy way to jazz up a plain white beanie

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Space Invaders Hat

Space Invaders Hat

Grey Hat with Lime Space Invaders

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Crocheted Hat Of Warmth

Crocheted Hat Of Warmth

A hat to keep your head (and ears) warm when its cold outside.

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Patricia S.
Patricia S. · 7 projects

I could but i can't guarantee it will be very detailed. I made a pattern for the ribbons and letters and that's the only part i have written down. As far as how many rows are ribbed and how many rows the hat is total it would just have to be to the discretion of the knitter

Sarah D
Sarah D · US · 31 projects

I like it! Could you make a how-to?


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