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Nice 'n' Simple

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Square small strap detail
Comfortable camera strap made from recycled items fit for a heavy duty SLR!

I came to be the mommy of a very beautiful Nikon FE series SLR film camera. I named him Vincent and he needed a strap. Not just any old strap, a strap suitable for a dapper SLR like himself.

All the materials used are second hand and found objects. The green corduroy I had sitting in my scrap pile, the buttons are all from antique shops. The key rings I found around the house. Put it all together and it makes for the most comfortable camera strap I have ever experienced! It holds the weight of the SLR very well, I wear it for solid days at a time when out on photo excursions! It is a very quick and easy project for crafty photographers. <3



Camera Strap!

Camera Strap!

Funky strap for great photographers.

♥ 6
Diy Chain Camera Strap

Diy Chain Camera Strap

Turn your camera into a chic accessory with the chain strap.

♥ 31
How To Customise Your Own Camera Strap

How To Customise Your Own Camera Strap

Make your own Cath Kidston camera strap

♥ 2
His + Hers Belted Camera Strap

His + Hers Belted Camera Strap

A Leather belt upcycled as a camera strap.

♥ 3
Colorful Camera Strap

Colorful Camera Strap

Colorful camera strap cover is as cute as it is functional.

♥ 0
Diy Leather Camera Strap

Diy Leather Camera Strap

it only takes 10 minutes and some waiting around time to make this chic strap.

♥ 10



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