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Mechelen, Antwerpen, Belgium
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*not for actual birds, FYI*

I made this box for a friend to give as a Valentine's day gift. Inside are two pretty paper owls that say 'Owl' always love you.

I'll turn this into a how-to if you want to, just ask and I'll deliver :)



Christmas Boxes

Christmas Boxes

recycled christmas cards

♥ 2
No Glue Christmas Card Trinket Boxes

No Glue Christmas Card Trinket Boxes

I keep every square christmas card i ever recieve!

♥ 11
Origami Gift Box

Origami Gift Box

Because you should never pay $5 for something that's going to be thrown away.

♥ 436
Magic Boxes

Magic Boxes

Magic Boxes: A Life As Lou Online Class

♥ 387
Tiny Gift Boxes

Tiny Gift Boxes

The best gifts come in small packages.

♥ 140
Owl Treat Boxes

Owl Treat Boxes

These little owlies are the perfect container for everything from party favors to Halloween treats.

♥ 46



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