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Version This project is a version of Bacon&Eggs Toasty Cups by Snarah Panera

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Limburg, Limburg, Netherlands
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Based on Bacon&Eggs Toasty Cups by Snarah Panera

It's Sunday and time to pull out the new muffin pan once again!...LOL Today's special was extra bacony. I stirred up some eggs, milk, Mrs. Dash, onion and garlic powder and shredded cheese and mixed em all up together and poured them on top of the toast which this time I actually did bacon on the bottom too then the toast, egg mix, toast again and topped it off with more bacon... 20 min at 180'C and YUM!

Riceegg (Leftover Rice Recipe)

Riceegg (Leftover Rice Recipe)

use leftover rice for an easy, yet delicous meal

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Eggs In A Hole

Eggs In A Hole

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Bacon&Eggs Toasty Cups

Bacon&Eggs Toasty Cups

yummy cute breakfast

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Egg In A Hole

Egg In A Hole

A different twist on a breakfast staple.

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Heart Shaped Fried Eggs

Heart Shaped Fried Eggs

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Egg In A Toast Hole

Egg In A Toast Hole

I love this stuff.

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