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The Makeup Honey Golden Eyes


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  1. How to create a makeup look. Autumn Warms - Step 1 1

    1. I began by priming my eye lids with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. I also used NYX Eyeshadow Base in white all over my lids and up to the brow.

    2. I then applied Foxy from the Naked 2 palette as a brow highlight, in the corners of my eyes and under my eyes. I then applied Tease where I wanted my crease to be.

    3. Then I roughly blended everything together.

    4. I then darkened the crease using Snakebite and applied Bootycall to the inside corners of my eyes and to the inner lower lash line.

  2. How to create a makeup look. Autumn Warms - Step 2 2

    5. Here I blended the crease again. This time dragging it slightly into the upper corner of my inner eye to help with the contouring of my nose.

    6. From Me, Myself and Eye Limited Edition Sleek palette I used Simply Red on the outer corner and centre of my eye.

    7. After blending the red in, I then brushed Verve over the inside corner of my eye lid and the inside corner of my lower lash line.

    8. For the golden wash I used Grimas Golden Highlighter powder. This stuff is great and you only need a tiny dot. I lightly brushed that over the inner corners ( up and down ) and the centre of my upper lids. Around about this point I also started to fill my brows in.

  3. How to create a makeup look. Autumn Warms - Step 3 3

    9. This is the finished eyeshadow and brow filled in. Here I tight lined the upper lash line with aDew Pot byMeMeMe in shade 4 Autumn Smoulder and lightly lined the outer, lower lash line.

    10. The finishing touch, a coat of Zoom Lash mascara by MAC

    11. Finished!

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