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Nice 'n' Simple

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, Pennsylvania, United States
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I love vintagy, antiqueish jewelry and when i can make it myself i love it even more!

I found this key hole in my garden after we tilled it. I loved it and cleaned it up and had to make something, so i made this bracelet!




  1. 1

    First you need your key hole, or anything else similar to it. Make sure it has holes on both sides for your jump rings.

  2. 2

    Next attach jump rings with seed beads on them (in any colors you like) to the two sides of your key hole (or other object) until it's long enough for your wrist.

  3. 3

    After that just attach the clasp and you're done! I made my clasp using a wig-jig and thick wire. You can use whatever you want.

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