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, Pennsylvania, US
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A cute and interesting ornament for your Christmas tree!

Earlier in the season, I found a bunch of acorns and just knew that I had to do something with them. I kept collecting more and this seemed like a neat thing to do!




You Will Need

Almost Nothing

  1. How to make a bauble. Acorn Ornament - Step 1 1

    Buy your ornament. It's the kind where you fill it with whatever you want. I got a pack of 6 at Michael's.

  2. How to make a bauble. Acorn Ornament - Step 2 2

    Collect acorns that may have fallen from a tree near your house. They can be without the bottom part.

  3. How to make a bauble. Acorn Ornament - Step 3 3

    Remove the cap from the ornament and fill the ornament with the acorns.

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