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Map Journal

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Paper Elephants

♥ 0
Paper/Craft Foam Wings

easy (sortof) wings that can be made with a lot of materials!

♥ 47
DIY Paper. Butterfly

Paper Butterfly Stickers with Smileys!

♥ 4
Swirly Paper Flowers

Craft a unique, swirly paper flower

♥ 15
Accessories Box On Wall

secreat jewelry or accessory hanger on wall - DIY COOL IDEA

♥ 3
Butterfly Thumb Tacks

Don't you wish you had a Butterfly or Butterflies on your wall?

♥ 5
Magazines And Comic Books 1:6 Scale For Dollhouse

For Barbies, Pullips, & Monster High Dolls!

♥ 3
Water Colour Event Card

Great for home-made burthday, invatation, aniversary and thank you cards!

♥ 0
Nice Paper Craft

Save our world !

♥ 0
Origami Crane Earrings

♥ 6
Origami Promise Ring

♥ 2
Easy Origami Bookmarks

A quick craft project that is fun, easy, and free!

♥ 6
Easy Spooning Valentine

Easy & sweet last minute Valentine idea

♥ 4
Kanzashi Valentine Mask

Go paint the town red! Valentines day is here!

♥ 2
Valentines Day Roses Made Of Errrr... Roses

Valentines day Roses

♥ 1
3 D Geometric Art

Meet my fire flower.

♥ 10
Date Night Jar

♥ 2
Make Your Own Gift And Shipping Boxes Diy

Here are some beautiful and sturdy cardboard boxes. Together, we’re going to give them a second life before they get to the recycle bin!

♥ 5
Refrigerator Magnet Gift Packets

Here's a charming way to package refrigerator magnets for gift-giving.

♥ 9
Upcycled Paper Pouches

How to make awesome gift pouches from upcycled paper.

♥ 1
'Thank You' Card

♥ 1
Kois On A Stretcher Frame

why buying a Koi for 1000 of Pounds, when you can make your own, individual Koi almost for free?

♥ 17
Sunglasses Photo Frame

♥ 0
Christmas Tree Boxes

♥ 1
Beautiful Paper Snowflake

♥ 2
Miniature Room Box

♥ 6
Origame Poinsettia Christmas Decoration

♥ 2
Vintage Christmas Style Wrapping

Go back in time for a vintage Christmas!

♥ 5
Elegant Business Cards

A quick and easy way to create tear away business cards.

♥ 8
Itty Bitty Christmas Tree

My first tutorial! Just a cutesy little tree for your desk... Or your friends.... Or your teachers.... Neighbors.... Narwhals.... You get the idea

♥ 4
Tissue Pom Pom Decorations

I know these are on here somewhere, but I couldnt find a how to so decided to share :)

♥ 7
Xmas Star

♥ 1
Papercraft Panty From Panty And Stockings

chiby papercraft from panty and stockings

♥ 7
Meg From The Owl Post

♥ 1
How To : Light It Up

Make a cool table lamp with a take out box. Quick. Easy. Quirky.

♥ 16
Paper Roses

a sweet gift

♥ 52
Christmas Duct Tape Wreath

♥ 1
Magazine Bracelets

♥ 1
Origami Pyramids Puzzle

♥ 1
Happy Gram Book

♥ 0
Magazine Envelopes

♥ 2
Monster Bookmarks


♥ 23
Teabag Folding Card

♥ 3
Corner Bookmark With Kusadama Flower Dangle

A Corner bookmark with a flower dangle. Step by step tutorial! you can make one also!!

♥ 5
How To Use Maple Leafs Diy Rose

rose, DIY, maple leafs, autumn

♥ 7
Ninja Knife

Origami Ninja Knife,No Effort

♥ 20
Angel Ornaments

♥ 4
Hundred Pieces Swan!

♥ 2
Paper Corner Bookmark

♥ 0
Hello Kitty Duct Tape Wreath

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