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    Candies you liked in your childhood..or now!! :D

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    Yep...what candies I used to like this egg shaped chocolate and inside there was a surprise present wrapped in paper...I always used to get stickers so washed them with wet tissue and I just stuck them on the wooden part of the bed!! Miss my five six years moment!! LOL

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    Sour Patch Kids!!! And skittles :)

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    lol, skittles have always been my favorite too! :)

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    @Elizabeth W. you took the words out of my mouth! When I was in high school, they called me "Skittle" b/c that was all I ate. I love sour patch kids too.

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    I like skittles too....I like smarties also!!

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    Mine are sour powers mmmmmmm I still love them! I'm determined to learn how they're made so I can make my own! Syeyon it sounds like you were talking about kinder eggs, those are pretty good.

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    I guess but little bit different though :)

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    Sour Punk!!!

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    Old fashioned rock candy is my favorite. it is so good and definately works better than any energy drink to keep you awake!

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    Gummy bears, jelly beans, chococlate turtle candy, air heads, and peach jolly ranchers.

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    I love sour patch kids! And Most Japanese candy. Syeyon, maybe wonderballs? They are similar to Kinder Eggs. I liked these when I was little too. :)

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    Mochi Mochi, Peach Jolly Ranchers are the best!!!! I agree!

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    That's it!! Wonder balls!!

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    humbugs used to get a 1kg jar from the markets when I was a teen also can't go past Jaffas and my favorite gum was black cat it used to stick to your face, your hair your hands and everything in between but made the most humungus bubbles ever only thing that ever came close was the original hubba bubba

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    When I was a kid I LOVED candy sticks, but they were really hard to find so if I got a pack I'd eat it reeeeally slowly :D I also liked Kinder eggs - just for the toy! And marshmallows and gummy bears. And those lollies that look white when you first get them, they're kind of powdery like love hearts, then when you eat them they go different colours :) I don't eat much candy now, other than the occasional pack of marshmallows, I'm more of a chocolate bar person :)

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    musk sticks, milkos and sherbies

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    mine are peach rings as i find that they are awsome!

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    Peach rings! They are amazing, and apple rings as well that you can get from Lidls xD

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    I am so into pixie sticks these days and I have candies in my locker. It's EVRYWHERE !!!

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