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    Okay this is for teenagers, what do you want to become!!

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    Yeah so??

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    I want to be an English literature teacher, I've always loved books and this way I get to share them with a new generation Happy

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    id wanna be an art teacher oooooooorrr a tattoo artist ooooorrr a textiles artist....ive alot in mind still Happy

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    I want to de a FASHION DESIGNER!!!

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    I want to make jewelry for a living (which is kind of what i'm doing now) Happy

    P.S At Hannah, my name is Hannah too!!!

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    I've always wanted to be a teacher. Probably a math teacher.

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    so Sydney r u good at math???

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    I've wanted to be a veterinarian since I was six and I still have that goal in mind =) Although math and science, two subjects which are really required for vets, are not my strong points... I still try my best to improve,though. I think I'll have an easier time once I'm able to get into veterinary college and actually get hands-on experience, since I (and probably most people!) learn better from up-close experience rather than textbooks...

    @Hannah that sounds awesome! Too many people don't read books, or don't read enough of them. I think you'd be an awesome teacher to have. @Kezzianne Teaching sounds fun but you have to like kids, haha, even in college you'd really only be dealing with big kids. Tattooing sounds fun but it's probably not that easy; there isn't really much room for mistakes! What does a textile artist do exactly..? @Syeyon K. Nice! I've heard it takes a lot of work to design clothes... trends, fabrics, cost, design... most people think it's easy but there's so much work put into it! @Elizabeth W. Ooh, jewelry. What kinds do you make? Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings... all of the above? Haha. @Sydney W. I envy you then... if you want to be a math teacher, you either really love math or you're really good at it, and I would be happy to even vaguely be either... No matter how hard I try it's just not interesting D: But hey, as long as you like it and you keep it as something you enjoy and not "just a job" I'm sure you'd be an awesome teacher!

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    @ Anne - Yeah, i make basically any kind of jewelry. Right now i'm really into hemp Happy

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    I'm looking into studying either photography or costume design and university next year. I just want a job I love.

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    @elizabeth..Me too I make any kind of jewellry!! But I'm into pendants and bracelets!!

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    I wish to study Celtic languages and culture and own a tearoom.

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    Engineer Happy

    But now I'm working towards a degree in Environmental Science

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    I'd like to major in Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Design in college, but I want to minor in something either theatre-y or music-y...

    I'd like to have a dual career, like Paul Winchell (who did both on-screen and voice-over acting (he voiced Tigger and Gargamel, was a famous ventriloquist, did some character acting) and helped invent the artificial heart!)!


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