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    am i the only one??

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    am i the only one to check my projects to see if anyone has commented or not???? LOL i guess it is only me!!!!
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    I check on mine every so often to see if any one had Q's about a project. They are going to have a feature that alerts you when someone comments or favorites one of your projects, but they are still working on that :)
    I'm sure lots of people check the stats on their projects too!
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    But you have like lots of projects crafter!!
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    I browse through my top projects every now and again to check for questions also. But I have too many to keep up with them all by myself anymore.
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    I check on mine maybe once or twice a month, depending on the project's popularity.
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    I come on every day, but since I don't have many projects, I don't need to check them.....
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    I do it to
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    THANKX....I guess I'm not the only one!!
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    I do that as well, I think lost of people do actually xD.
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    I do it too! It's so exciting seeing when a project has been favourited etc. :)
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    I've only got 2 projects so it's not that hard for me to check lol xD But the new 'updates' feature is really useful, saves a lot of time.


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